Citations past: Oh, so destroy the Belarusian language in our Beryozovka

Under the heading "Letters" in "Belorussian village" in 1927 signed Misha can be read: "I am every Sunday Pukhovichi are fair. Going to a lot of people. This is great, but the bad thing is that if you want to drink, so at least go home . the market vendors selling kvas, but just as this kvass drink, so in "Riga" and went. " Syalkor socks: "And as our chef, let his fever — they say in v.Baravoy, Koydanovskogo district. Chef in arranging this in our village circle on vaenizatsyi spelled youth, but on this matter ended." Belarusian village ", you push our boss. "
"The Banner of Youth" in 1987 for the 75th anniversary Maxim Tank prints great photo essay Victor Beetle and a bunch of poems of the poet, among which — after:
If I ground his pen in various personal business and start klapotah And as if by lightning arrester according to According to float away on the white sheet of paper — all often catch myself thinking: In this time — Reckless and responsible about how I write, What is needed And as it should?
"Narodnaya Volya"At 1997 prints a letter from Beryozovka: "Please print my letter, let the world laugh at the fact that we have going on. At the first day in September, my seventh grade daughter comes home from school. I ask," Well, how are you? "" Normally, — answers — only all subjects will be taught on Russian language"." Well, neuzh all? "- I’m surprised. Daughter then adds:" Not lessons Belarusian language and literature will be conducted in the Belarusian … "" And Last year?"- Involuntarily I asked and she remembered here — if only the Russian language and literature were in Russian. Destroy oh so whiteRussian language we Berezovka. "

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