Citations past: some rebel movement came to life again break

"Nowe Zycie", year 1927. The newspaper wrote: "It is reported from Minsk to Moscow that some rebel movement break revived. Ataman Klim, who disappeared a couple of weeks in the woods near Slutsk, made some surprising attacks Borisov environment at the time when the Belarusian part of the Red Army were on maneuvers in the summer camps. Immediately after, have been received news of the attacks, three teams were sent to the police that, but could not get in contact with a group of combat Climate. "
"Vitebsk proletarians" in 1937 published this advertisement: "August 29, newly renovated cafe kanditserskaya disclosed on the street." Truth ", 4 (tel. № 5-76). Every day in selling different products quality kanditserskiya his generation … Every day coffee, tea, cocoa, Zlivko, sour cream, milk, eggs, etc. The orders for kanditserskiya items delivered to your home. kanditserskaya Cafe open every day from 8:00. am to 1:00. nights. "
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"Culture" on this week 1997 Adam Maldis speaks about "Golden Ring of Belarus", "inspires optimism that the project protects pochetaemaya such organization as the UN … The main thing — it is necessary that our municipal and public organizations to overcome skepticism about tourism in Belarus. Some believe that tourism — this is when we go abroad, because in Belarus there is nothing exciting. But if you ride along with them, show, tell, then they say that in Belarus there is something to look. "

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