Citations past: The masses have overtaken his people’s intelligentsia

"Fatherland" on this week 1957 gives the word prince Bazylev Sviatopolk-Mirsky, "the masses themselves overtaken his people’s intelligentsia, as shown by the first All-Belarusian Congress. Peasant Know (people’s intelligentsia) and know the gentry was harder to" turn ", although the spirit of the time and their hard-earned interests sought from the first more "pavarotnastsi" than the other … Now the same fate stories made other incidents threatening death Belarusian people as such, in general. "
"Russian Belarus", year 1977. Retired I.Beker from Minsk writes: "My Country is committed to peace globally, about than readsed in the latest draft of the Constitution of the USSR. She never anyone not attacked and is not going to attack. The imperialists do not mislead the world public chatter about the "Soviet danger." I wish to join your own voice indignation and protest to the voices of all good people in the world who protest against the creation and production nevtronnay bomb. "
Boris on Krepak this week 1997 on the pages of "Culture" states: "Reason realize that for an artist dependent on the market better dependence on totalitarianism. Totalitarian governments of the artist has no choice in the market same criteria he can choose — either to earn money to create decent stuff. Or this and that immediately. inspects market on the strength of a creative person — and it’s better oppression of the individual. "

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