Comandante Uber Matas: Fight for democracy worth

Uber Matas made the revolution in Cuba, along with friends — Fidel and Raul Castro, Ernesto Che Gevaram was one of the most of favorite guerrilla commanders, but later criticized Castro measures that restrict freedom, and eventually received a 20 years bullpen, which served until the last days.
Despite this, Comandante Matas says that does not regret, because injured in the correct case.
"Belarusians say from my own experience — to fight for democracy stands even if for this it is necessary to sacrifice a lot, even if it seems that the dictatorship of the invincible and keeps very long. To survive — on» yadnavshysya people can always overcome. Right or left — no dictatorship never bring anything decent. "
One of the favorites of the young Cuban opposition Javier Sespedes was in Belarus at the invitation of the Belarusian colleagues the late 1990s of the last century.
"When we arrived in Belarus, the 1st of us were detained at the airport because learned in Havana that he — and not let opposition in Belarus. But for the next day he suddenly appeared» — somehow drove another method — and spoke at the conference together with the Belarusian opposition. We stand in solidarity with them and dyakuei for the support of the Cuban case. Belarus is very close to our heart. "
Tomas Pisulya — chairman of the foundation, "Freedom and Democracy", which organized the arrival of Cubans — believes that Cuba and the Belarusian opposition leaders have that open a discussion.
"Most of those whom we invited many years were sitting in jail. They know how to survive, how to protect and seven». Fortunately, the Belarusian regime is not such a tough-as Cuban, but the experience of Cubans for Belarusians very important, and we will try to retell it Belarusians. "

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