Comrade prevents official candidate and police

They are all trustees of the candidate from the UDF Sergei Dayneko.
Activists handed out city dwellers newspaper "Comrade," Pocketbook "Choice" and "breather."
Distributors some time "Grazed" people in civilian clothes. Some of them even snatched from the hands of newspaper girls when she carried convey their mothers.
In the 3rd district police blocked distributors. Two police crews and civilians since the machine came down with the agility worthy of the best implementation.
Policemen accused activists of "spreading illegal literature."
The police Svetlana Mikhalchanka showed a letter serving parliamentarian Valentina Kuznetsova, which is presently re running a candidate in the electoral environment Svetlagorsk number 40 second She complained that the rivals are spreading against her materials, degrading its honor and dignity.
In Mikhalchanka took fifty copies of "Comrade" several 10-s copies of the "breath of air" and "choice."
Content of newspapers studied investigator Sergei Syvaratkin, and later he and the chief of police Russinovich.
Activists were released.
And after some time on the flat Svetlana Mikhalchanka three policemen came with witnesses and conducted inspection of the apartment. The fact they have been ruling the prosecutor’s office.
In Mikhalchanka seized one copy of small-format papers: "Left March", "shift change", "Announcements BPF", also 17 different copies of the party’s newspaper "Comrade."

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