Constitutional Tribunal will accept the decision of the Pension children repressed

At the session of the Constitutional Court have now come and toddlers repressed. However, in the process, they did not take the role. Increase in their pension, they require relatively small — 50 percent of small old-age pension (currently it is 23 170 rubles).
Overcharge retirement can get about three thousand people
"This question faster is not a currency, and moral "- the chairman of the Belarusian public association of victims of political repression 1920-1980-ies Leonid Volchok. In 1938 the NKVD executioners shot his mother.

"I stayed with my dad. Suffered difficulties can, and not least, than those who were there. I did not perceive the Pioneers, Komsomol not taken later in the party also did not perceive. And after rehabilitation, after the Khrushchev thaw, I had place for promotion to various positions, "- says Volchek.
Constitutional Court decides have the right to increase pensions kids rehabilitated repressed parents who were not with them in prison.
Now increase to their pensions get rehabilitated repressed, and their kids, who were together with them in prison and exile. This is more than 6 thousand people.
According to preliminary estimates, and about 3 thousand people may qualify for a similar increase in pensions. It will cost about 70 million rubles, or more than 32 thousand dollars.
"While the situation in orphanages and institutions were practically the same as in prisons"
Position of the House of Representatives, which initiated the proceedings, was represented by the head of the Commission’s work and social protection Sergey Kamenetsky.

"I will not comment, it’s expensive for the country or not, but the truth must overcome. If there is a legal act, it must be done. Since no differences between not those with the repressed parents lived together in prison, and those who are against the will of the repressed separated from their parents and sent to orphanages. While the situation in orphanages and institutions were practically the same as in prison. "
Sergey Kamenetsky refers to the Supreme Council of 18 October 1994 whereby victims of political repressions also recognized and toddlers left without parental care, which unjustifiably repressed on political grounds.
But in practice, this provision was not made, and pensions were increased only to those children who were with their parents in prison.

At trial, the position of the Committee of State Security of Belarus, who believes that all kids have rehabilitated repressed monotonous right to increase pensions.
Decision of the Constitutional Court this case will be announced on September 12.
"We need to raise the question about nereabilitavanyh"
Writer Vasily Yakovenko, Co-public committee for the commemoration of the victims of Stalinist repression relies on positive verdict.
Vasily Yakovenko draws attention that question rehabilitated only repressed. Meanwhile many people This time not rehabilitated, and they themselves or their kids can not claim anything.
"This is the second question, which must also be set. For example, we are currently preparing materials for re-submission to the rehabilitation of Larissa Heniyush. We have already served twice, and twice we were denied. Third time will provide more" — says Yakovenko.
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