Do devaluation of Belarusian ruble?

Tsigankov: "Michael, who is more inclined to trust you — IMF professionals or representatives of the Belarusian government that link trade patterns and the highest proportion in the calculations Russian ruble? Who is right? "
Zaleski: "If Comrade Stalin asked what bias worse — left or right — he replied:" Both worse. "So there. Only they" are both better. "Maybe not better, but they are just looking from different perspectives. In IMF experts at a high level, they behold the macroeconomic dynamics, operate hundred square meters of characteristics and therefore make such a theoretical conclusion that this course must be 10 percent higher than it is. But our State Bank alternately makes and quite successfully delivered top management tasks withholding rate. It allows you to maintain the price level, which has developed and someway razrulivat its dealings with Russia. "
Tsigankov "You almost have listed the main advantages. Now for the cons of a measured course. Exporters suffer from this — Belarusian products more expensive on zabugornyh markets. Do any devaluation of the currency? "
Zaleski: "And here we are talking about 2-methods have mushroom soup: you can go to order in a restaurant, but you can go to the forest itself and driftwood. Restaurant orders the person who own productive work earns a lot of money and can do some cultural eat.
We go by itself "Juche" — an increase of its foundation. In case, of course, can be manipulated to a certain limit depreciation. And our products have become more competitive. But I still think that merits must be by properties tehnalyagichnastsi products, their efficiency and reduce energy consumption. "
Tsigankov: "But imagine that meet with the forces of the export lobby, the government will come and say:" We can not keep more than a measured course. Let’s hold on the sly. "What do they answer the government?"
Zaleski "The Belarusian government say: "Mmmm …" — and will ask to Presidential administration. And administration say: "Do you remember when we vote? But after the elections and will lead a conversation about this."
In the foreground, we are addressing the socio-political problems. To maintain the status quo. In other words, the position of district level authorities and centralized management of the economy. Then that at the moment developed, allowing do it.
• L.Zlotnikov: Belarusian ruble is supported by foreign loans, 13.09.2007
• The IMF predicts a slowdown in economic growth in Belarus, 31.08.2007

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