Entrepreneurs Zhdanovichi market finished

Virtually the entire Third floor of the shopping center "World of Fashion" is not working — said, "Radio Liberty" one of the favorites Minsk businessman Alexander Macau. He does not call it a strike: Entrepreneurs way or another are required to finish the job, because they still threatens confiscation product.
"Most of these business no costly instruments that must have after, their April 1 was taken out of the single tax system Decree number 760. They can work on the common system of taxation or lightweight. They read: Serve inventory of product residues — and will be easier for you system. A costly, as some tax states they are not required. They worked so until verification was accomplished on Sunday, "- says Macau.
Employees of tax services to themselves This time do not know what to do with such businessmen. In some area, the inspection Minsk even after the incident and now they say Zhdanovichy as though costly are needed — says Alexander Macau. Suffer from this confusion entrepreneurs:
"The policy of the supervisory bodies — a priori do business violators. They may not even know most of these orders, confirmed now echoing in the Ministry of taxes and fees. Kamenka Deputy Minister said, read everything on board. But now we have such a complicated system of taxation that the shield you can read and realize not. Same tax authorities interpret differently. then have to conduct seminars for businessmen to make reminders. This is not done. Such current aggressive response bureaucrat naturally shocked many businessmen. "
To solve legal problems with the tax authorities businessmen Zhdanovichi need about a week. But the incident on Zhdanovichy can raise a wave of discontent small business the whole country — says Alexander Macau.
• Poll: how people relate to the planned strike businessmen?, 18.08.2007
• Tribunal confiscated businessman products by 13.7 million rubles, 15.08.2007

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