Expensive products are becoming more expensive and without end

Man: "Honey" Freedom, "please tell me how can build playgrounds, occupies the land. Why all this? And who will feed? Products Expensive Expensive and without end. Who will feed us? China? China and a half billion less land, and it is better to live than we do. How can more so to live with such government and the President are only for themselves rowing and nothing else! And people never lived perfectly. When Russian authorities harassed and currently also prygnechvayuts. How long can you sustain this? Do not give to live relaxed. People worked-worked and can not dignified. Pills — a fake, honey — a fake. Absolutely impossible to recover. What it did for the government? Neuzh he has no conscience, no mercy! How long will it izymatelstvo? "
Lady: "Anything that threatens Belarus in economic terms — an increase in prices, more low level of life, etc. — the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe experienced 15 years ago. Transition to market economy. Deceiving Russia and writhing in front of her, Lukashenko fussed and thought only about himself: skated, played football, vacationing in Sochi, etc.. Torment and failures of ordinary Belarusian people he was not worried. boundless egotism ethe man crippled fate of Belarus and its people. His limited intelligence based on heresy and deception. Such a person You can not trust the fate of our Belarus. Was very pleased to hear about the nomination of our Stanislav Shushkevich Nobel laureate. If all this time instead of Lukashenko was Stanislav Shushkevich, we would live better. Maybe not because we would like, but better than the reality. "
Igor asleep, the doctor from Vitebsk: "What about yesterday’s review of the letters on the situation in Belarusian schools. Strongly disagree. Myself am a school doctor, because I know the situation. What is the last student writes, this is probably an exception to the rule. Situation Nasvay , drugs and alcohol in our schools is significantly better than in Russia. My comment as a doctor for the listeners of Radio Liberty. Nasvay — it’s not a gateway drug, chicken manure … it’s so hard to fight with him, as with drugs did not equate and it is not punished. But we struggle with this, explain and specifically due to the fact that we have extensively developed system of sport, joining the kids to sports free sections. situation that we have such makarom much better than in Russia. Also there our youth this trend: that Tipo throw smoke, they start chewing nasvay. This is very harmful because it toxin, poison, which is 10 times faster matches destroys the body than cigarettes. And with this we just fight. Writing in "Honey messenger" in the journal "Health and Success." No we do not interfere. So let and "Freedom" will struggle with this potion, with thieves, drug, and will not pour gryazyuka people. Let’s read about it. Invite the psychiatrist doctor, talk to this topic. So young. Who listens to "Freedom," found out about this truth, and nothing except the truth. Then it is useful. That’s my world. And if we just criticize, let unchecked gryazyuka is harmful to everyone, including young people. "
Sovereign Oshmiany: "Good evening! Listened to your transmission now. There are some citizens expressed nicknames" lukashisty. "What if Milinkevich surname Baran, the entire opposition" rams "call? Adherents Kozulin" goats "? Remember you once and for all: There are citizens of Belarus. Each with his gaze, each with their own considerations. And nicknames do not need to give as control opposition and Milinkevich and Liabedzka — all former communists. Realize? If you look sober, they all need to send a jigsaw to cut wood . Least will bark, more will be the order. And more. I waited, what do you say to my proposal. I recommend all of these cranks out the opposition and assist to remove the bread. Have you made that-nibudt? Well, bye. "
(V0903-13, 14) Lady: "Dedication to those who suffer at the moment for his political views and everything else. Tanned such dull. He and I — no neighbors. It happens people-At night the angels sanctify your way. Under ablekami native resentment finds the truth. Indifferent, flexible, Destiny calls you! "
Zvernik Vladimir, Russian man born in Moscow: "Humility definition 1st of listeners" Liberty "stubborn Bolshevik lukashystka, despite its rustic Belarusian origin, calling the Belarusian language" abomination "very offended by all our people. But God it arbitrator. By the way, referees and other officials. Hunting recommend Belarusian true patriot from Gomel Syarzhuku Semenov contact the prosecutor’s office with a complaint that "complaining" that "rolled-in" to him almost million fine. And in the 2-on-Border Guards of Customs officer who Bolshevik-style lukashystki personally offended young guy, making it a requirement for protocol declaration form in the Belarusian language. Reason — a gross violation of the law by both bureaucrats Republic of Belarus on the application of mandatory bilingualism in our country. They had no right under this law: first — to give the young man in his legitimate request, and the second — to award him such a large fine. That they violated the Belarusian legislation and not Sergei Semenov. And here is very excellent recall the words of Paul Brest Sevyarinets in court that at the time of such people will judge because they have judged themselves. "
Lady: "Hi, pochetaemaya" Freedom. " I wish to thank Lech Walesa and the entire Polish government for what he identified Shushkevich at a premium, he remembers it. Thank you. God forbid you to health. I also thank all Belarusians who supported Shushkevich …. "
Misha Baruth: "Yesterday in the program" Panorama "leading remembered Stanislav Shushkevich nomination for the Nobel Prize, accused him of decay Russian Union linked his name with a Korean sect perfectly that not Al Qaeda, also said that he will go receive a salary from this sect. know Lukashenko Time echoing not Shushkevich ruined Russian Alliance and Russian Alliance fell under the weight of their own atrocities. A Shushkevich and others just recorded the fact that the collapse. And let it not fussing about wages Shushkevich. Stanislav S. receives a salary, lecturing in popular institutions of western states, where the owners of the master and the threshold is not allowed. "

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