Falling dollar and Belarus

More than 60 percent of foreign trade relations Belarus serves buck. Also, there are significant provisions of this currency as the country and the population.
With the loss of Bax purchasing opportunities these supplies naturally depreciate, says economist Leonid Zlotnikov. Officials often they say that wages Belarusians increased to 300 bucks:
"Define wages bucks very profitable official propagandists. Bucks in it grows, and that the dollar loses purchasing power, they do not take into account. For example, in Russia, when they say some figure in dollars, they say there" in dollars in 2000 , "for example. They take into account the devaluation of the dollar. And we do not consider it. Indeed profitably read that wages in big bucks. prices in dollars but also grow."
Past chairman of the National Bank of Belarus Stanislav Bogdanovich believes that the fall of the dollar does not affect the Situation in Belarus. Belarusian ruble depreciates relative to even a few bucks:
"We have not so much influence the fall of the dollar and the euro as the internal situation in the country and increase the ruble money supply. Very disproportionately. If the product grows by 8-10 per cent, the ruble supply in us grow up at least 40 percent, and even comes to 60. Here is the problem for us is more important than all these world races.
Bax decreases and we fall together with it. Because we first need to look for a rise in prices. Indeed, in America the dollar falls, but in fact there is no inflation. "
According to the control center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika, presently profitable to import South American products because they are cheaper for European:
"South American products will be 40 percent cheaper. Over a cheap South American cars, appliances, medicines … If vendors choose for themselves — Germany or the United States, taking the South American or German car, the advantage in the South American side.
Will react to the domestic market. Population buys more than 100 thousand cars abroad. Part of the U.S. will be more. Can predict the gradual replacement of European production of those products that work with the bucks. "

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