GAI will fight tragedies prayer and holy water

First responded to the request of the state inspection Father Nicholas Church of the Intercession of the Virgin, in the Mogilev region. He consecrated the stretch of road that stands avaryynastsyu overpriced.
Mogilev State avtainspektsyi management has not yet commented cooperation with Orthodox Church. There notice that it has only just begun. Rector of the church of the Holy Virgin on a business trip.
Midst of Mogilev drivers no specific position regarding cooperation and GAI Orthodox Church. Here are two relevant responses.
Driver with ten years considers that such cooperation does not prevent:
"I rate it positively. Those drivers who are aware of the fact will again focus on what is really a terrible plot. At the same time, wishing the traffic police doing their duties."
But the outlook of the driver who is skeptical about the partnership with GAI Orthodox Church. He driving for about 7 years:
"I believe that priests first must apply to the driver. NOT consecrate consecrate priests — it will not give any results completely. "
Misha Karpechanka Belynichi ethnographer, the researcher including and magical phenomena, does not see the harm in sanctification, but notes that only practice will be able to confirm the correctness of cooperation.
"That does not prevent, in some degree, and useful. We have about village Maschanitsa such plot — there is also very many accidents. Will soon be built in Maschanitsa church. Sanctification expanded. "
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