Gazprom will determine the gas price for Belarus without further negotiation

As for Belarus, the official dealer of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov explained:
"Price rise — that’s understandable. But it will not be the negotiation process, and payment under the contract.
Fortunately for us and for the Belarusian side, we have agreed on prices even in the past year. The contract, which currently operates between "Gazprom" and "Beltransgaz" directly defined method of calculating prices. And it does not admit any ambiguities. Because what would be the cost, it will become clear in the first days of January. "
On days of salting of in Belarus Alexander Surikov said that next year Belarus will receive Russian gas for 125-150 bucks.
According to the representative of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov, is currently "Beltransgaz" may find himself some guidance. But "Gazprom" is not likely refers to the spectrum of gas prices Belarus.
Recall that in December, a few minutes before the new year, "Gazprom" and "Beltransgaz" signed a contract for the supply of gas in 2007-2011. The document caused today’s Russian gas price — $ 100 for a thousand cubic meters. Since the beginning of 2008 it will be 67 percent of the price in the European market.
According to chairman of the center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk, "Gazprom" behaves reasonable:
"This question, regards Belarus, depoliticized. And it can be politicized only when the Belarusian government will start again some games and try to persuade the "Gazprom" to the side, for example, the lowest prices. For this we have the lowest cost will have pay or increase debt, or some political concessions. "
Yaroslav Romanchuk believes that the increase in gas prices for Belarus in accordance with the signed contract to reflect badly on the economy:
"There are a number of companies in Belarus, which is an increase again will be very painful. They did not survive. It will be shot in the back of the budget that will be required to give more funds to these enterprises. But as this year, the only payer of this policy will be for gas population.
Profitability of our companies will fall for another two-three percentage pt. Already This year it has decreased. Rise rate of accumulation of debt. And, certainly, it will be an even greater threat devaluation of the ruble and destabilize our banking system. "

From the beginning, the cost for Russian gas has increased from 47 to 100 dollars for a thousand cubic meters. During January-June 2007 Belarus paid 55 percent of the contract price of gas.
Since July 1, Belarus became pay full price for gas supplies to Belarus. With all this "Gazprom" buy a 50 percent stake "Beltransgaz" 2.5 billion dollars — in equal installments over four years.
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