Gomel Institute excludes A-student with an active civilian position

Dmitry trained at the institute on a specialty "Software Information Technology." He does not know exactly what was manifested his "systematic human rights violations …". At the meeting of the Presidium union committee of students who gave consent for the deduction, the sovereign Zhaleznichenka NOT invited. Content of a memorandum addressed to the dean Zhogal rector he is also not known.
All ekzametsionnye session for the past two courses Dmitry surrendered after an average rating of "9" in the existing ten-assessment system knowledge. For luck even getting a scholarship overcharge. In Last year missed only 20 teaching hours. For this, however, was a remark that turned after reprimand.
In dean Zhaleznichenka expressly stated that "loaf about writing explanatory note" of their own passes, because he knew that the next students learn, that have three-digit number of passes. Deduct the same from the institute, according to Regulation 60 hours missed.
"The real premise of my dismissal from the Institute became active plainclothes my position. ‘Cause I’ll be in court to appeal against the order of the rector," — said Dmitry Zhaleznichenka.
In recent years Dmitry really intensely involved in numerous youth activities in defense of whiteRussian language, culture, history, the sovereignty of Belarus, not shied away from the actions of solidarity with the relatives of the disappeared "Light a Candle". Student repeatedly summoned for preventive conversations regional staff of the KGB.
Dmitry Zhaleznichenka summer participated in the organization of the concert of Belarusian bards. Economic Tribunal fined Zhaleznichenka together with other activists on 310 thousand rubles — Tipo for illegal business activities. Witnessed by this case were tretsyakursniki historical faculty institute named Skarina, where he studied sovereign Zhaleznichenka.

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