Grodno near the king’s residence built princely tower?

Part of the documentation for the reconstruction of an old castle passed to the Institute "Goradnyagramadyanpraekt." Return to hire scientific management object Vladimir Bochkova from Minsk. We caught up with him on the phone. Sovereign Bochkova clear that there are opponents of building princely towers and churches. No one knows what they looked like, they say opponents. In this combination of Renaissance palace built with Stefan Batory — is eclectic in Europe is not acceptable to do such things, say some scientists. At Vladimir Bochkova their arguments:
"In Europe, not accepted. But all depends on the specific goals of each country and each region. This seems to be the national interest there."
As during the restoration of an old castle can manifest the "national interest"?
Drum: "What is actually needed restoration of monuments? In the past seek out something right now. Now we need to understand the structure of the ancient Russian town feel. Since this unit has dropped out of the real culture of civilization."
Old castle building project will be submitted to the Republican scientific-methodological Rada on it for a day or open a discussion earlier in Grodno. Member states of the Council Igor Cherniavsky:
"I, for example, believe that to restore tower, church, construction, about which we know virtually nothing — their construction type, volume, is in no way. For the usual reason that nowhere in the world are encouraged historical mulyazhavanne if there are no sufficient data to restore some of the monument. "
Since the court found the foundation HII century, they need to show how a museum exhibit, making the pavilion, said Igor Cherniavsky.
"There’s all solved if you follow the procedure, according to international rules. A Grodno just is in line with these rules, because we said Kaloskuyu church in the world heritage list, because we have to follow and take into account the Convention on the protection of the world heritage. And if it is to do everything within our legislation and international standards, there is not a huge horror. Just do not need to engage in some hypothetically projects, this is obviously unacceptable. "
So now looks old castle, which is an arch bridge that was recently renovated.
Old castle gates in Grodno.
On this side of the castle was the royal library.

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