Guest night air — Victor Shalkevich

People on the streets of Minsk utter that prevents Belarusians be real Europeans.
In "Night of research papers" we talk about the city noise. How do people live in the neighborhood with resonant objects: airports, train stations, transport interchanges? In our survey, people will respond to the sounds for their nastiest.
The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes will complete the story of the music Misha Casimir Oginski, and "Night Primer" will sound poems Zhirovichsky monastery monk, poet Znicha (Oleg Bembel).
After 23 hours per program "Guest on" Freedom "record responses scholar and teacher, chairman of the Society of Belarusian schools Ales Lozko radio listeners’ questions, and 23:33 in the" expertise "Freedom" this analysis of international financial forecast of the Fund Belarusian economy, and 23:45 in the "Travel" Liberty "portrait Braslavskogo local historian Constantine Shydlovsky.
22-hours and the air of "Freedom" and the Web.

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