Heard Moscow responds to all the needs of the Belarusian people

* "Nowe Zycie", year 1927. Newspaper reports from New York about the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti: "In New York, in front of the Communist editors gathered crowded crowd of workers who were expecting messages from Boston. How did the news of the executions began eerie clicks, among which sounded curse and danger the address of the judicial authorities and the governor Falera. authorities sent to the city as military units with carbines and machine guns. army together with the police in every moment ready to apply the instrument. "
"Star" in 1947 marks the 800th anniversary of Moscow’s editorial: "With love and pride says about our Moscow Belarusian people. The fate of our people for centuries connected with Moscow, with all the fraternal Russian people. Heard Moscow responds to all the needs of Belarusian people. Lenin and Stalin, Moscow should Belarusian people Property of the State, its victories in all areas sotsyyalistychnaga construction. Moscow came to the rescue Belarusian people majestically in the terrible years of Russian war. Moscow is helping us at the moment to return the enemy destroyed the economy and develop it further. "
* "Evening Minsk" in 1977 writes: "Pioneers and schoolchildren eleven zagarodnyh game Minsk camps put their signatures on a letter to U.S. President D.Karteru, in which is expressed protest against production of the neutron bomb … "Merry Young is now depending on you adults — students write in their own writing. — Emperor president for you to at the moment we appeal:" Stop! Prohibit destruction, do not hide the sun! "

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