I.Voroshkevich referred to detention at the border of psychic attack

The incident occurred at half past six in the evening at the border crossing Mokrany. Border guards confiscated passports and musicians did not get them for 5 hours, with all this, they are no able to explain their actions.
Favourite band "Krama" Igor Varashkevich appreciated their act as "psychological attack with a view to exacerbate health musicians before performances."
In the end, the musicians released, and about one in the morning they were able to cross the border.
The concert will be held today evening in the central park of Lutsk, where city authorities allowed to arrange a tent city, and end at midnight. The festival perceive the role Belarusian group "Krama", "ULIS", "Neuro Dubel", "Indiga", ": In: N:", "Tav. Mauzer", "wall", "Znich", also Ukrainian team "Tin Sontsya."
According to the organizers of the festival, which were "Belarusian musical nominee" (BMAgroup), Society Belarusian language behalf Skarina unregistered youth initiative "Studformat" and "European Radio Belarus"Prazdnichek Belarusian rock in Lutsk will be scheduled once a year.
Belarusian police will not let young people to the festival "The right to be free", 22.09.2007

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