I wish to live in that Belarus, which is on TV show

Man: "Russian governor Ants, went down in history as the" hangman-general, "said:" What did not complete the Russian bayonet, Russian will finish school. "How could imagine for yourself this general that it there is a sequence represented by the Belarusian president, who destroys Everything Belarusian faster than the Russian bayonet, and school? If there is another term prezydenstva, the Belarusian language in Belarus will be as Mongolian in Kyrgyzstan. And in order to form matched content, Belarus lost. 15 years ago whiteRussian language in the province could hear and find out, and now the village kids do not understand the Belarusian language. How many more troubles onmakes itt so called "Prezyadent"? And the Belarusian people, having bought at the hideous deception and often treacherous prazdnichkom collective farmer wakes up one day in the Russian empire. "
Oleg, Beryozovka: "I wish to tell you a little anecdote that opens very clever policy of our country. One grandmother says:" I wish only to live in Belarus, exclusively in Belarus! "She replied:" Grandma, you’re it! You do so and live in Belarus. "But she replied:" No, I do not want this. A desire to live in the one show on TV. "You look telly or read to our newspapers and think:" How are we doing great! Everything is done for the people. "Only for some reason Actually This is not seen nothing. One show. With respect to Radio Liberty. "
Lady: "Good evening, pochetaemaya" Freedom! " I wish to tell his own pochetaemomu friend that his songs helped me to live. Thank you for your attention. "
Man: "I want to say this lukashistom that called for" Freedom "who are worried about Dzerzhinsky and for this flag. Come a time that this Dzerzhinsky and even Alexander G., and this flag its reddish will lie in the garbage, and they will come end. And these cannibals, former Dzerzhinsky, butchers, need more say young people, how many people they killed. And who such Dzerzhinsky, and who se Lukashenko, and what it did for the flag extortionate. Under this flag collective organizing. I myself know how it was. "
Constant listener: "About Konopleva. Guess who he was. Past Chairman of the Supreme Council, so called, in the old way. So many discussions, the whole conference going, and no single step closer to the truth. And the truth is ordinary: Alexander G. at him, loves "peratrahivats" shots. He does not expect. He needs peratrahnuts, so he peratrahnuv. And do not worry. Let not bother those who are very many states of Konopleva. And he will place is not bad, and comfort and come here again such as Kanaplyou, faithful servant, like himself cannabis. That’s it. And if anything, he’s still here and pryznachytstsa ambassador, traveling around the world. Need a man to look the world … Do not worry, it’s his policy. Same thing about Fradkov. He’s just tired this colossus turn. "

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