If I were God, I would have changed the president …

Old man: "I’m sure, has promoted to people in this life, such as health. About the money I do not know, but health has promoted to. Has promoted all Belarusians would, because of the people’s own need to bother."
Young Man: "For a country will do everything Lukashenko, and I would imagine more positive feelings, so it was a sunny life."
Woman: "I have never in my life God will not, I do not want to be God, because I have not done anything."
Man: "President of Belarus would change."
Youth"For the people of Belarus would have done something not bad. For example, would change people’s minds, as Belarusians deserve more than are currently on the Actually . "
Man: "I would take away the souls of men of anger, lust of self-destruction, stupidity. As they say from time to time, that I was God, I would have fed all the people … no, of course, so people feed themselves, if I have bad properties listed change to more productive. "
Young Man: "If I were God, I’d declared the new president."
Reporter: "The President is elected."
Young man: "Do not know how where, as we have, I think, do not choose it, that althought, and then doing it. "
His friend: "May I have become God, I would do so, that the entire globe was peace, no war, that people lived in peace and happiness."
Young Man: "Would the world in the world, and that there were no unemployed, beggars, that all were in business."
Young lady: "I wish that our world has become kinder, so that people are better not to do a variety of nonsense and that in town smetsili not."
Woman: "God, he was not only one city, and whole world, right? In the world just enough. And in the town I’d built a decent hospital. "
Young lady, "I have done to all the kids never hurt, and nothing more."
Young Man: "I would try to change the person, its essence, that is less than it was anger, less greed, more love. Need to think less about money and more — about the meaning of life, so that the person his life built. But it is a shame it did not sound a utopia. "

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