If the president as watchmen, you need to have the same number of opponents and befitting

The letters we receive from their own students in these September days are — thinking of more important events and facts shortly, reasoning about heard on "Freedom", comments, suggestions.
The current review will begin with messages Ales Martinovic from Baranovichi. It tries to predict the future, that can befall the Belarusian economy:
"In any case, Lukashenko or sell businesses to foreign investors or their pryhvatyzue" advanced "range. Whatever happens, the new owners will be interested in the successful operation of these companies in the stability and guaranteed income.
A repetition of the events of 1990-1991 (mass strikes) will not. How not to be disorderly and grabbing on the model of the one that occurred in Yeltsin of Russia and Ukraine in kuchmavskogo 1990s.
With regard to the likely energy crisis due to soaring prices for resources, our homeland will not do. Moscow beneficial tolerable crisis so artfully change Lukashenko to power the pro-Moscow group nomenclature. "

Next to his own letter Ales Martinovic makes conclusions about the prospects of the opposition:
"Spring 1996 year was peak agony dempraektu Western Belarus, which tried to bring the scheme neighbors. March 2006 was in fact the collapse of dempraektu. Historical destiny pushes himself in the newest form of Belarus repeat, that didand the newest part of the EU nations first time in 1918, and the second — in 1989-1991.
Belarus has been through 100 through ninety, fifteen years later repeat anew in non-standard form, on the basis of Russian culture and love of the Russian Federation and Moscow. "

Very very long period of time you allot, sire Martinovic, for configurations in Belarus. The current Europe — Mainland busy. Fifteen years ago it was hard to imagine that the entire western and northern Belarusian border so quickly reincarnated as the border of the European Union and NATO.
And there is no evidence to suggest that the peninsula of authoritarianism euro mainland has great strength in store. Especially at the moment when run multibillion Russian subsidies.
And the statement about people’s love for the Russian Federation and Moscow as a foundation for the future of Belarus also sounds controversial. In Belarus, at the municipal level lasts Russification of public life, but it does not mean that in the minds of people build confidence and other warm feelings towards politics eastern neighbors. Sociologists suggest that occurs just turnaround.
Created subsequent letters — Alexander Jackiewicz from Vitebsk. Student talks about some current Belarusian reality:
"Our government knows how to make a lock-up and for those who formally freedom: it is when you do not pay wages, do not give the make, do not allow to do good for people, and for most of the country. Evenly, but you methodically lowered to the level of an animal.
Around themselves leaders hold enormous and prohibitively subservient razdmutuyu custody. And if the president so many guards, you need to have the same number of opponents and befitting — differently as to justify the costs?
Think of "The Gulag Archipelago" Solzhenitsyn NKVD, not to go to war, artificially prepared "revolt" in the camps … We have reached the point that offenders announce kids — only for what they dare to think and read not because it prescribes bosses. Not enough, connect ideology and even the clergy.
To dismiss uncontrollably from work, invented the contract. And be sure to check — or you run to vote a week before the official election as ordered. "

With all this, sire Jackiewicz, many people who even in the bullpen feel free. And believe that this inner freedom is more important than formal freedom, more like a jail — if a person is obliged to read because it thinks not, and do what is contrary to his moral principles.
Subsequent electrical correspondence — a response to a letter from Constantine Syrelya Ushachi that sounded last review mail. Speech in it, remember, was the language of the culture of Belarusian journalists and politicians.
This topic interested and Ales Charnyavchyka from Minsk. In his letter, he shares his observations and impressions of the Belarusian FM-stations.
"Language is not rotated to call them Russian. When I’m on Narach always put the receiver on the Lithuanian station. Lithuanian Language not know, but the quality of music programs there is quite different. Pleasantly amazed that not only in the Lithuanian language with songs of different genres, and Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian, British. Music in the main tasteful. Such you hardly hear the waves Belarusian stations.
But it is not only about music. Here are some examples.
Regional radio. Eating in the car on Friday. Like all fans, I know that Wednesday is a football match for an exit in the group stage BATE — "Stsyava" (it ended 2-2).
And here hear, so to speak, "sports columnist" Dasha Klyuykov (I could be wrong in the names) irrepressible voice reports that eventually BATE 2-meetings with the Icelandic team came in the subsequent round and meet the winner of "Stsyava" — team with Poland.
"Operational" work in the XXI century, do not say anything. And in fact — is "plywood" to the ears of listeners. Recorded material week reversed twist a couple of times a day.
2nd example. This Monday afternoon, get on the case of a wave "Radius FM". Bodrenky culture columnist, whose colleagues (and he himself) the name of Alexander, starts with a funny story. Remember how in the Russian years walking funny stories about Jews and Chukchi? But Alexander decided pasmyashyts anecdotes about all Belarusians.
About such content. Belarusian goes tolerable the street on his head poured a bucket of mud. Belarusian pauses and says aloud: "What if a man walked …"
Certainly, there was necessary laugh, but personally, I had the feeling that slop bucket poured none other as "pochetaemy" Alexander. And not only me.
Respectfully, Alexander Charnyavchyk, intolerant Belarusian. Minsk ".

The Belarusian FM-air at the moment you can find more than 10 ka stations. But hardly for you to get easy to distinguish one from the other, and all together — from some Russian provincial stations.
They look like twins — language, ways of doing, voices the same painstakingly filtered political censorship news, one and the music and songs (99 percent is Russian so called "Pop").
Now here for the sake of contrast directly for Russian officers began to "decorate" applets incomprehensible jokes. On the Russian stations, however, went even further — there is no longer unique and pahabshchyna and profanity.
And the Belarusian authorities give permission to broadcast it all on their own terrain. Reason, surely this: "Let the curse — just to keep it out of politics."
At the end — a letter from our friend Paul Szasz davneshnego village of cankers Malorita district. About the impending abolition of social benefits listener writes:
"Who did not have such benefits — against the decision of the president do not mind. For example, my mother — a disabled group 2, gas and electricity had no benefits. Discounts were only for travel on public transport, it does not use the same transport.
But there is another problem: how we become disabled? For example, a woman — a disabled group 1, on a theoretical level, this must Recumbent unhealthy. And it is on the market trades. Where is the truth? People said: "I bought a group of disability for a bribe."
My cousin is sick, but he is more than third of disability do not give. And behind it needs control: can not work, can not even guard. And ultimately — live on 114 thousand rubles pension. And if "gilded handle" who need to — everything would be different.
In the ca
se of benefits need order — here no one disputes. But before that you need to prosecute doctors determining disability. "

There, sire Sats completely separate arguments to say little. Naturally, a massive system of benefits needs to be reformed. But here one should take into account the fundamental event.
Social benefits time (Mostly first and the middle of the 1990s), the Supreme Council gave those to whom it was hard to live on pension and scholarship. But unless something has changed significantly over the past half-ka 10 years in the financial position of the Belarusian elderly, disabled, students?
And if the government refuses to inefficient system of benefits, why it does not replace them with adequate compensation for those who confiscates these benefits?
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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