In bookstores will book panegirykami Lukashenko and his homeland

The book was written in 1000 copies, now expect it in bookstores. Cost edition 30 thousand rubles.
Below are a few quotes from the book:
"Strong people appear on the majestic rivers. Contrary Alexandria, on the other bank of the Dnieper, in Kopys born Alexander Lukashenko. (…) For 300 years before our era of Alexander the Great founded on the shores of the Mediterranean port city, which gave its name. He was famous for the temple of the Muses and Sciences — Bibliotheca Alexandrina, but was destroyed by human envy and wars … first President of Belarus initiated the construction of the State Library in Minsk. In a pine forest stands Belarusian "Library of Alexandria."
"In" Big Russian Encyclopedia ", not counting the Great Alexandria, mentioned three more — in Russia, Romania and the United States. Villages Alexandria there. But in future and it will encyclopedias. Presidential village now looks like a young wife came down … Alexander Lukashenko road from the nest. From small to huge Alexandria. Alexandria became a majestic whole Belarus. "
Created at the address panegirykav Lukashenko — deputy editor of the magazine "Belarusian idea" Misha Shelehav.

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