In Brest businessmen held a meeting

Speakers protested, among other, against the presidential decree number 760, which limits the range of close relatives of those individual entrepreneurs have the right hire.
V.Marchik: "There are a lot of people, judging by the conditions — we were pressured and intimidated"
Special prirekaniya nedavneshnie caused seizures on Brest markets.
One of the organizers Victor Tchaikovsky reads as follows:
"Seizures have occurred in the markets" Warsaw "," Kovalev "and the market" Jubilee. "Namely, businessmen selling shoes. I know that they have suffered."
According to Tchaikovsky, shoes and washing powder seized together over two thousands of dollars.
At the meeting were representatives of other regions.
Victor Marchik from Slonim said:
"I believe that the meeting is successful. People are heavily involved in it.’s A lot of people, judging by the conditions — we were pressured and intimidated. Hopefully we will hold a rally in the center."
A. Shumchanka: "We will survive, but the consequences will be bad — for the government and for the people"
Arrived in Brest and chairman of a public company business "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka:
"Our actions are focused to a decent standard of living. A the most important thing — exploit the potential of our people. We will survive and continue. Only consequences will be bad — both for the government and for the people. Reduced range of products, prices will rise, increase social tensions. "
At the meeting adopted resolutions — a meeting with President Lukashenko, the abolition of discriminatory provisions that allow employees to hire relatives and individual entrepreneurs are forced to re-register.
The police did not interfere with the course of the rally.
Playing one of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Anatoly Shumchanka
Vitebsk city executive committee did not give businessmen the ability to hold a meeting, 22.09.2007
Figure a day or 1%, 20.09.2007
Entrepreneurs have developed a draft law on small and medium business, 12.09.2007
Entrepreneurs demand meeting with Lukashenko, 10.09.2007

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