In Finland, the company liquidated investor who was invited to Belarus

Journalists weekly "Belarusians and Market" interested in the personality of the entrepreneur Luxembourg Nikolai von Koehler, who is going to invest Tipo 10s of millions of dollars in mining and processing project in Belarus brown coals and shales. Last week, Alexander Lukashenko met with him in Minsk. Meanwhile details are independent researchers learned that cast swing purity capital sovereign Keller. Journalist knows Pavljuk Bykovskii.
"It is possible that this man may engage in some shenanigans. It usually refers to as an investor asks municipal guarantees, and later disappears. His only company is registered in the past year, and the preparatory tsyaperlikviduetstsa in Finland. Here is what to study. "
Meanwhile, the newspaper quoted the words of Alexander Lukashenko, from which it follows that claims to Nicholas von Koehler at the head of the country’s no.
That helps people look for strength to deal with the heaviest disease? Newspaper "New Era" appealed the matter to the wife of former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin Ira, which is already 10 years is ill with breast cancer:
"I have extraordinary ways of healing. Process of healing and cure, I describe the computer and do it not only itself. I believe that in the future it will need to fight the disease. I remember how in 1997, when I fell ill, to find information on this dilemma was very difficult. "
Senator and writer Nikolai Cherginets became a hero research journalist "New Era" Tamkovich Alexander, who leads the section "New History of Belarus in the portraits."
"Newspaper Slonim" continues to look for the establishment of water meters in apartments. Deputy editor Sergei Chigrin:
"About six thousand apartments planned to equip counters and have already equipped 2.5 thousand. Maybe it’s good, but our office is increasingly complain people. This complaint is that when set counters, then cut off the water throughout the house and it happens that it is necessary be without water all day. Later besides water is rusty. "

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