In Germany and Denmark exposed terrorists

Now reported that the German police warned attacks on Frankfurt airport and a number of U.S. military facilities in Germany. German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said that the threat was "close." Three people (two Germans and Turks), suspected of preparing terrorist acts arrested.
First week of terrorism suspects were detained Also in Denmark. Detainees blame preparing a bomb attack. According to Danish intelligence agencies, all those arrested — Islamic extremists associated with "Al-Qaeda".
According views Fleryyana Geier, Centre for European Policy analyst research, Islamists have their motives for the attacks particularly in Germany and Denmark. For example, Germany took an active part in military operations in Afghanistan. On the German countryside are South American military facilities.
Denmark plans to graduate in September own troop withdrawal from Iraq. Fleryyan Geier yet, does not exclude that the motive for the terrorist activities in Denmark can be published in the 2005 in a Danish newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. That article is the proper time caused mass protests in several Muslim countries.
"It is impossible to deny that in Denmark itself controversy flared up on those cartoons — Fleryyan Geier says. — This topic, think like a day or earlier on the agenda in the public debate in Denmark. And that anger you? Calling the publication of cartoons may be the main motive for the radicals to commit acts of terrorism in Denmark against the Danish country. "

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