In Krapiuna field arrested about 40 people

In a police bus are Andrew Sharenda managing Brest Branch of "Young Front" activists in Minsk Lena Makarevich, Catherine Krasnov, Catherine Galician, Dmitriy Fedoruk, Natalia Starostin, Orsha activists.
At the station, a lot of police. Activists Detained "Junior Front"Of Zhodino, among which — Pavel Krasovsky. Policemen meet trains from Mogilev, Gomel and Vitebsk, in which to celebrate the move several 10-s youth activists.
Our correspondent reports from the scene:
Stankevich, "I am at the moment Gatkovschina village, 300 meters from Krapivensky field, where now for the 17th time owed held bard festival "Battle of Orsha." Venue Festival blocked by police, blocked by police cars.
People all the same gather, pull together small groups. Those who came up with some transport delay, were detained about 40 people. In Orsha police department — Ales Pushkin, and Dubrovensky — Yuri Koptik, one of the founders of the festival tradition. Prospects are unclear, the official start — and the 20th in the evening, and maybe activists went out and brought the place where to meet, and the festival will take place all the same. "
After the tenth evening police released some detainees to the requirement that all went home.
Meanwhile About fifty people gathered at the edge of the field near the Dnieper, where they sang songs. The policemen followed them at a distance of about 100 meters standing paddy, "ambulance" and several police cars.

Militiamen are searching for explosive devices on the field with Krapivenskaya pm on September 7. "Since yesterday evening there are police checkpoints on the venue of the festival do not miss any vehicles or people. As explained to us, in the river, in the place where he falls river Krapivenka, seek out any mines or shells" — said one of the organizers of the festival, local historian Yuri Koptik Orsha.

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