In Kurapaty commemorated shot August 27, 1937

We go down the alley to the memory in Kurapaty memorial cross erected in memory of martyred in 1937 archaeologists. Beside me, their successors argeolyagi Nikolai and Sergei Tarasov Kryvaltsevich. In Kurapaty, new crosses, stones, painted images of saints. And it indicates, that the memory of the victims of the people live, says Nicholas Kryvaltsevich:
"People who know the story of the shootings in including shootings archaeologists, they remember about this event, as the importance of the shot people for Science and Culture. Evident people On its own initiative darn crosses mowed grass, bring flowers. Kurapaty as was the People’s Memorial, national memorial so he stayed. And this, I think our current award gramadtvai people. "
I ask Sergei Tarasov: what has changed since the days of the Bolshevik terror relatively scientists in our current Belarus?
"I do not know really whether the circle of our history moves or there is something symbolic. But now — 70 years, first as a repressed archaeologists, and I repressed example archaeologist in the current times. Suddenly I was superfluous, since time participated in the anti-communist movement. And worst of all, as in the days Levdanskii, Dubinsky and Kovalenya managed breaks in scientific generations. The same thing can happen at the moment. And not only can, but it happens. And the whole history in Belarus was in a difficult position. And because in This year We are organized in association "Free historians." So we live and work all the same continue ".
Archaeologists Nikolai and Sergei Tarasov Kryvaltsevich at the cross erected in memory of the executed scholars archaeologists August 27, 1937
Cross Archaeologist nearby
Stone painted with the image of St. Kurapaty
August 27, 1937 in Minsk the first mass shooting, 27.08.2007

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