In Mon more people did not know about premature vote

Dzyatlava district number 35, which is running on Yanina Guzovskoy, member of PKB in the preparatory role of the vote was, in her words, 34.8% of voters. It says that its observers and proxies write complaints on violation of election laws.
Guzovskoy: "In the Mon people still did not know about premature vote, and they papryvozili villages ballot box. A Tuesday already many villages one hundred percent voted. Wrote a complaint about the campaign and chairman of the precinct commission, who spoke to the voters that you need to vote for a young man and not for an old lady. In some voters took away the passport and taken to the land, and even they were not there.’s such complaints. "
Ivan Sheha, who is running for the Slonim constituency number 56, draws attention to the fact that almost never got data on premature vote, though, to calculate its trustees, participated in it a little more than 10% of voters.
Sheha: "In some areas we have not recorded allegations of violations of the law. They must dobe later to attach them to the report. It was and is, when the voting booth went to two people, and the chairman of the election commission showed them who to vote for. "
Observe the elections, public defender Vladimir Khilmanovich, draws attention to the highest percentage of participants early voting.
Khilmanovich: "Even in Grodno on certain areas, particularly in the Central electoral environment where the candidate is running for BPF Antusevich Sergei, was fixed to 52% of those who voted early. It still shows that people were forced to participate in a premature vote. This is the highest percentage, and I do not remember such on previous election campaigns. "

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