In Night of Freedom — songs i expression Luciano Pavarotstsi

Guest night broadcast of "Freedom" is the organizer of the yearly festival of bard Belarusian Song and Poetry "Orsha Battle" Gennady Shepelyov, which among other features will say about this festival, which starts on September 8.
And people on the streets of Vitebsk utter what they know about the Battle of Orsha?
"Night research" now dealing with the dilemma of domestic violence against women — in Belarus and the world. Utter Ladies in Minsk, they faced or are familiar with the options of violence» seven holes?
In addition report from the event for the 10th anniversary "Junior Front"Remembrance of actor Leonid Rakhlenko, whose 100th anniversary is celebrated now, an interview with another winner of the contest" Win the book "Freedom", the siege of the Belarusian web and film festivals from Maxim Zhbankova.
In the "record" Alexander Tomatoes will continue the story about the creation of the "Palace", and "Night Primer" again will feature poems Pachkovskay Violetta.
After hours 23rd — "Journey" Freedom "- the village of Benicia Molodechno district, transfer" Belarusian Atlyantyda: No bar» erav "- its theme:" shot architecture "," Belarusian abroad "on the demand of the Belarusian programmers in the West and in the next review of the letters in "Freedom."
From 22 hours — in the air "Freedom" and the Web.

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