Jaroslav Hryshchenya: the arena should go young

Znatkevich: "Yaroslav, now was the first day of the court against you. What are your memories of this process and what sentence do you expect?"
Hryshchenya: "It is curious whether you can call this process, so watch all of this and realize that it’s all very simple formal … As you come to the theater all have adrepetavana — Questions, answers … There were some witnesses — people I did not know, but they introduced themselves as members of the Young, which I myself perceived in the organization. With all this all about what the "Young Front", they do not know anything. thing there’s just fun, in fact . "
Znatkevich: "And what of the sentence, in your opinion, worth the wait?"
Hryshchenya: "Months to 3, no more hope."
Znatkevich: "In other words, are you ready for what you will be punished all the same arrest?"
Hryshchenya: "Yes."
"From the witnesses I vyznat that all comes from America, and I — completely corrupt …"
Znatkevich "Today Sevyarinets Paul was sentenced to 17 days, and awarded him a penalty 620 thousand rubles for the company to rally your support on the steps of the court. In your opinion, how is now possible to express solidarity with those who suffered for the expression of solidarity? "
Hryshchenya: "In this situation, it is a hard question. Amazed me the sentence itself Seviarynets Paul, 17 days. Baranovichy For this record really punishment. Do not know what to do now. When I went to the court — were the people when he left — was gone. .. "
Znatkevich: "You were that you testified against people you do not even understand. And this, at least, Baranavichy guys?"
Hryshchenya: "Yes, it’s some guys Baranavichy — surnames Ignatovich and Gil. Latter said such an unusual thing," I am a member of the organization "Youth BPF." Arbitrator states: "A Decipher abbreviation BPF Youth". He says: "Youth of Belarus … sorry, forgot." Weird people. From them I vyznat that have Baranavichy branch "Young Front" some millions of American funds, weekly support from the West, all comes from America, and I — completely corrupt … "
Znatkevich: "It was the evidence of these 2-people. You do not understand what they are doing?"
Hryshchenya: "They taught in any school."
"You’re a bad person because you have a brother in the opposition"
Znatkevich: "The fact that your father was threatened with dismissal from work — it is connected in some way with your tribunal?"
Hryshchenya: "Needless to say, since it came out a day or almost 3 reverse: a man came from the company’s management and says:" So and so, Sergei, a call from the executive committee and they say, that during the day we have to fire you from work. "And fire reality is nothing. unrealistic and dismiss him as 5 years or reprimand him, nor no comments, and zvaode worked for 15 years — it Baranavičy plant system components and structures of the Belarusian Steel road. "
Znatkevich: "And what decision was made during of a day or?"
Hryshchenya: "He was not fired, as a matter of fact there is nothing. Other words if he drank or worked poorly, and so it works foreman, and they do not know what to fire him …"
Znatkevich: "And the second question — is also your mother said, as if your little brother started tasks in the school …"
Hryshchenya: "Yes, there is. Fact, that he went to that school, where I learned immediately after school, and what is happening there — the same name, and he went to the same profession, carpenters. And then he immediately said: boy, you’re already entered in any critical list, or list of comments — in short, you’re a bad person because you have a brother in the opposition. "
"Shushkevich, in my opinion, rescued the country from civilian war"
Znatkevich: "Not so long ago Stanislav Shushkevich Lech Walesa was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize … Stanislav Shushkevich you as a politician, which means nibudt? Does he respected you, or not?"
Hryshchenya "Shushkevich — a man who, in my opinion, rescued the country from the civilian war. If he had not signed the destruction of the USSR, then just people, which is a very simple tired, would have risen and risen sur ‘ ‘seriously, and after a year or two that people would have desired blood those people, which should in their calamity Protz. .. "
Znatkevich: "These are your memories so far? Because you were still very small at the time … Either it is what they say your older friends, relatives and ancestors? "
Hryshchenya: "I’m just interested in the history of times past 30 years, Russia, CIS, the former Russian Union. If this be compared with what is happening at the moment, you can imagine for yourself what could happen at the moment."
"Party Party only if it has the support of the people"
Znatkevich: "And today’s politician Stanislav Shushkevich means something to you, as a politician?"
Hryshchenya: "And he’s still a politician?"
Znatkevich: "Yes, he became the leader of …"
Hryshchenya: "And so, the Belarusian Social Democratic Gramado … I remember what it did for the game. As for the party — such a fascinating … Party organization, in my opinion, only if the party, if there is support of the people. BSDG I do not think the party and in this situation Shushkevich current politician.
In any case, we need the freshest blood, so to speak, young people — go ahead … And all these unchanging policy — Shushkevich Vyachorka Ivashkevich — it’s already done, it was 5 years ago. Who needs to go to the arena youth. This is the only option for which there is some hope. "
Znatkevich: "And in the middle of the older generation of politicians — if you have all the same kind of authority?"
Hryshchenya "Statkevich. Seviarynets And Paul, by itself."
Znatkevich: "Well, Paul still Seviarynets such people a younger generation … "
Hryshchenya: "Yes, but he’s older than me …"

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