Just do not think about what I am advocating Lukashenko …

Miron: "The Belarusian authorities finally figured Russian script: Zubkov — President Putin — Prime. At a certain interval Zubkov out for health reasons, and Putin again vorachivaetsya the first role. Reversing began to die in a hurry, even have forgotten about those base Georgian where prepared terrorists on Belarusian TV, and guests are invited to Georgia for myself, to somehow annoy the Russian Federation. "
Pavel, the old man, "Radio Liberty, for the sake of peace in society long time to reconsider so referred Mr. Alyaksandr Kozulin deal, which was at that time with falsified naveshvannem his signs bully. Kozulin — one of the best effective workers, intelligent, erudyravany and law-abiding person. Its perfectly known in Belarus and far beyond. Such people must be healthy and work freely. But his health was not good at the moment. Ask the president and law enforcement agencies to release Kazulin detention. "
Sokolovich Valentina: "listen to your on-line conference with Stanislav Shushkevich Stanislavovich. Know, it is fun, smart and intelligent person. But with all respect to him I can not understand why he was given the award. For what? For what country he Lukashenko handed scoundrel? What do they think of that? Surely one place, I’m sorry. "
"I wish to express my ecstasy so little boy who pasted stickers, to defend the honor of the same raschudesnye own friend who called docent" bandits. "What’s his name yet? Alternatively not name. More to such people! Whatever was happy this country! That protect such ministers as this docent? Place their pig at the trough, its solder worthy of pity. They sit in jail as policemen during the war, the best guys, good guys, smart. Who are they? Acolytes. "
"Just do not think about what I am advocating Lukashenko. But they have some advantages and some progress. And he has a lot of shortcomings. And I think that Lukashenko confused because some minions around him, some people karystalyubivyya. No sincere people. I think people just backed into a corner, as some bigots around. realized: that is the failure. And no such issues never raised. "
Vasily Tyuhay Berezin: "Good day. Representatives of Russian authorities oppose the war in Iran, because know exactly there will be found. There will be Found Russian nuclear technologies ".
"I had an idea. Why not give Radio Liberty Drive" September with Danchika. "Such as" Night of rap. "Customize your presentation and send one copy of the same audience."
Man: "Zvezda" July 6 of 1994. Guest editorial control of the republic and the future promised to continue to come to the editors for a role in "straight lines" with readers. How many more of these parishes left in 13 years? Answer: no 1st. So which can be say it is the chief editor of the newspaper said? "
Anastas Semenovich: "Good day, ladies and gentlemen Radio Liberty! Comrade Lukashenko, you state that the development of the country proved to be correct. I think it is not. If we sold our homeland energoelementy other words gas and oil, at European prices as the Baltic States or Europe, our economy would have turned out to be nothing. Instead of having to go to a market economy, talking about "economic magic." Who are we kidding? Native people. Now raise gas prices by 100% or more, as in the Europe, our factories and factories will be poor. Their products will not take one.’s for you and magic. Agriculture, too, was in that position. Prior to 1917, Pyotr Stolypin, began to carry out reforms in agriculture. handed Earth farmers without compensation. They were the masters and get your results. did not build them for agricultural towns, they built houses for himself and his household. As time passes, we will have to create personal property. village now dead or half-dead. no people.’s for you and magic. Live Belarus ! "

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