Knocked youth activist remains in the clinic

Reporter: "How does your state that cares?"
Tsishkevich "What hurts? Now I will mention. My head aches, stomach, because very very knocked in the tummy at the moment stomach very very bakes; little sick. Sore back, shoulders, and kidneys. Patient lying on his back. Already put a drip in the morning. "
Reporter: "Can you briefly tell how it all happened, then suddenly pounced on you?"
Tsishkevich: "If this boy was seized, Nikita Sasim, I first ran, that he assist. His three men dragged and followed by three more, it seems. And some of them suddenly flew at head a couple of times thumped, later pushed to the pavement and began to thrash his feet … "
Reporter: "He was in uniform?"
Tsishkevich: "No, not in shape."
Reporter: "You’re going to appeal against an attack?"
Tsishkevich: "Yes, I have already written statement to the police. Happy policeman came to the clinic, did not want me to write. "Will you still write?" — Asked assertive. Exactly I said, yes, I will. "
Reporter: "For you have not uttered a doctor, as they can hold in the clinic?"
Tsishkevich: "Of course, after the circuit is something understandable. Since the first half of a day or it was not, maybe after lunch. "

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