Kolos, Traditions of the Lyceum not allow the student to become a bad person

Bushlyakov: "On this week over the summer session students Kolosovsky Lyceum. Pavuchyvshysya in Poland (Zakopane, Gdansk and Warsaw), lyceum students returned home. Emperor Vladimir as your students, lyceum relate to it must summer study? "
Ear: "I think that in the study of such criteria and in such places want to not only our lyceum. Basically, it is hard enough, but we have adapted to these conditions, and since we do not have the ability to work out in regular classes, perform laboratory work on the natural sciences, because lyceum refer to this normal. addition, this is a unique opportunity to be all together, virtually 24 hours a day, which we do not have, if we are at home. "
"It was not a decision by the administration — people just did not want to break …"
Bushlyakov: "In 2003, by decision of the Ministry of Education Kolosovsky Lyceum was closed. But the administration of the institution then decided not to dismiss the teaching staff and make the learning process, so speak out, without state support. Past four years. Emperor Vladimir, for this time doubt not appear that you have done then right? Can I normally train in a semi-legal criteria? "
Kolos: "Normally learn naturally impossible, if normality is assumed here everyday classroom instruction at a legally registered institution.
Here a bit not quite all was said about the circumstances of this — it was not the administration’s decision, which is subordinated to the students, teachers and ancestors, and at first it was a decision of parents, students and teachers who submitted administration.
Just did not want people to disperse — first on the teacher’s meeting was told that after working hard at the Lyceum or unrealistic vorachivatsya to school in the atmosphere, which, unfortunately, at the moment the vast majority of our schools.
Well ancestors also did not want to throw the Lyceum, was adopted because such a general, peer, fully volunteer decision. Fluctuations in the correctness of his appearing and will not arise, because it was manufactured really suitable for purpose. This need is, and we will do it until we are able to it mattersbe ‘.
"Our graduates come out of competition at YSU"
Bushlyakov: "It took three issues lyceum lyceum after the transition to the new conditions, the difficult conditions? Where are your graduates?"
Ear: "This year, graduated from the Lyceum those who are 4 years studied in informal criteria, but still caught between our comfortable existence in its own building — they walked on, and do preliminary courses to high school, when he destroyed the …
Arrive in Belarus — in our public schools, it is necessary to give them a tribute, on prestigious faculties, too — Lithuania, Poland … With YSU we signed a cooperation agreement, and our graduates come out of the competition. This year’s scholarship gives the Polish Ministry of Education, so that the prospects are very different from those associated with the fate of the Lyceum. "
"Behold the Ancestors that kids change in a positive way in the four years"
Bushlyakov: "Paying for your kids to study, do not express fear ancestors? For example, as kids go later in Belarusian universities, institutes How calms you parents?"
Ear: "We can not assure — let us be who reassured … If give means know that children will be fine, and it really is. We feel this responsibility, and the children really well.
There is a certain aura, a very good level of education, which is provided by teachers — is a unique pedagogical staff, very highly professional and honest people. And there’s this spirit of brotherhood and friendship, there are traditions that are not allowed to become a bad person … There are exceptions, but not so often — the main trend is very positive, and behold the ancestors that kids change in a positive way in the four years when a person is transformed from the kid becomes an adult in the face — and on a physical level, both morally and mentally .
Here they are in a very positive aura are, and this is important. Everyone who tied the fate with Lyceum in these years, get good prospects, a solid foundation, and get a good education — and what else is necessary for the parents? "

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