Konstantin Shydlouski: The will of fate had become a favorite

Constantine I know a half decades. At different times and under different circumstances, met with him as famous in Braslav opposition politician. Historian and researcher. Regionalists-travelers. And fascinating conversationalist.
But long ago saw that a lot or not very much aware of their own character are equally prevents story.
Because first draw the portrait shtrishki trust 27-year-old Avgenya ticket. He constantly lives in a little more than six months Braslaw. And runs alongside Shidlovskii — ethnographic museum. Well, purely figurative hemakes it better than me. Specialist — painter and art critic of education.
A beginning, says Avgen all so …
Ticket, "the first time led me to the museum of classical culture:" Here, meet Constantine! "Stretched hand lean, dry man. Laconic. Discarded back hair — so as to go against the wind. (Laughs) Highest growth. Packed like splinters.
But distressed, as if deformed from all sides — fashioned! And the words and deeds of his sharp, clear. If the architecture compared with what it could be combined, for me, of course, the memory of the Gothic. Constantine — Constantine Zaslonov not. It is clear that caste Kalinowski. NOT kanyunkturshchyk. And its hardness me quite striking.
He guided sightseeing trip. Adults came "the girl with the Vitebsk". They broke off a bunch of it and they say, ‘Can the Russian language? " It’s not that they did not understand the Belarusian language, they just sickening to listen to her, they are different people. He said: "Sorry, I’m not forcing you to read on whiteRussian language, why are you forcing me to Russia? "It is fashionable, cool, I think, all pierced and suspended."
In general, more than 2-decades back, when the graduate faculty of BSU geographical, ethnic braslavchanin Shidlovskii Constantine returned to their native land, by the Belarusian had not yet spoken. Now the wife of Ira, with whom he married in the institute years, recalls.
Ira: "Spoke always in Russian. When the museum was created 20 years ago, he decided to read in Belarusian. It was hard, but now and then easier. And when the museum was opened in 1988, he held during the opening speech — of course, in Belarusian. As decided and acted. He knows what he wants. "
Before that Constantine offered postgraduate and had read about a promising academic career in Minsk. To understand the basic words of his forthcoming the coming friend — artist Valery Zenkevich.
Zenkevich: "Man came to Minsk. On it just would have imposed retouching. Broke. Well done to orange mohawk would earring in his right ear hooked! He would have had some kind of flat, and it was very hard to come back to Braslaw. Although the suspect Constantine very hard. He’s a local, local junk syndrome. He could send the mountains in all directions. "
But listen, it perceives its own, so to speak, the provincial selection itself 46-year-old Constantine:
Constantine: "A career is not assigned special significance. Was interesting to work on the creation of exposure, developing the scientific part, the concepts of museums — the 1st, second, third. And lucky.
Our museum — not only area where things are exposed, but where studies are conducted. Late 1980s — early 1990s — a period when could find grant assure anyone.
Fortunate enough to run into Misha Tkachev Andrey Maysenkam of Grodno. We spent 6 Braslav readings. Under 50 researchers from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Russia. In general, regional history was not designed — we walked over the snow. "
Soon, in the wake of the Renaissance of the 1990s, appeared in Braslaw society BNF. On a memorable first frontovskoe Congress in Vilnius Regional Museum researcher Shidlovskii went under the risk of losing work. So in the face he said then-Secretary of the Communist Party ideology Januszewski.
Lubov now changed their eyes, is a member of the PCB and recalls the case diplomatically:
Januszewski "When planning to go to the Congress in Vilnius BNF, I am very persuaded, that he did not come. This number provocation …"
Braslavskaya community has become one of the BPF of strongest in the country — about hundreds of members on the 10000th city. Was unanimously elected chairman Shidlovskii. Constantine says:
Constantine: "Society was prepared to come to the people" is not out of the cage. "Front was at the hearing, many believed that this is a real strength."
Next to him were three election campaigns, during which he ran for parliament and local councils. Konstantin traveled by bicycle every village. And while out on the parliamentary elections in the second round, all the choices … lost. Now he has been criticized at ourselves first.
Constantine: "We acted as a romance, without thorough preparation, which, in principle, then were not able to. Political experience has shown that not many who managed to convince. At such a person must be filled eyes that should exude power, confidence . All my life as a scientist, internally hesitated. "
But as for the lack of "fluctuations" in the 1st of his political opponents. Last naval officer Valentin Varna — hundreds of persons who, for various reasons, have moved from Latvia. I do not hide — such as it is, in the adjacent country called "occupiers" and here patriot help build two-storey palace. Here is his eyes with his mouth.
Varna: "Mess brought Shushkevich — ruined Russian Alliance and gave nothing. People are miserable. And this past chairman of all farm raised. Why him 82% of the vote? And now, wherever you came — no problems. Ground kadastar came fixed — everything.
What is needed? Look here, how much holiday Braslaw Latvian machines. And they take — products, televisions, refrigerators, bikes. What a mess here! That does not descend zapivohoy, rascal, fool? Accustomed to Russian time to do nothing, and at the moment then. What — Lukashenko must beg them on my knees? If a person in the rank of the president does not raspayasatstsa, stretch karuptsyyavats, steal — it’s bad? "
Yet, I asked Constantine.
Reporter: "Do you consider yourself now beneefovtsem?"
Constantine: "Naturally, never vyrakavsya!"
Kastusyou friend, businessman Victor Voronko states that on household level tough position makes Shidlovskii prepyadstviya.
Voronko: "There is a relation to Constantine — one shy away, as he was in the BNF because it has antilukashenkovskuyu position. And people afraid to talk to him … "
Constantine also relates to this philosophically.
Constantine: "And what of the people with whom you shook, now turns restricts contacts, I can feel it — from time to time by shkrabane hearts and no more. Steels me less in school or at a meeting invite? Well that all -the same — more time to work with papers.
So, in the province — a terrible thing. This hateful heads which fully treats people, especially intelligent that scary treat culture, language … That there will be new powers that it crotch step — no hesitation. This search, work, despair — not instant revolution. "
Zenkevich "He workaholic. Was, and still remains, probably for life. Who is able to know, know that Constantine Shidlovskii — it is the mind that it pulls Braslau history.
And even those who are critical of the local muzeyshchykav, they say: "Ah, no one there knows the history of one Shidlovskii slightly …" How many young assist in scientific works, many people are turning to Incline age it! People give their publications using monographs Constantine — feed him. He lives for Braslau. Although the range of interests far not the provincial … "
And at present worth explain what is behind the words passionate Zenkevich boyfriend.
Constantine — created by the 10-ka books on history Braslau. He has 30 publishing projects — from tourist guides to children’s cards
"Braslava History in pictures".
He created more than five hundred publications in scientific journals and encyclopedias.
The editor of the local history of the newspaper "County", which, for example, opened the general reader the names of famous doctors Narbut, who built the first clinic and helped weave braslavchan.
Studied local roots BNR General Bulak-Bulahovicha and activities akavskaga movement.
He organizer 6 international plein local history and six or seven exhibitions a year. Among them are living archeology, when the images are able to make every old tools.
He also has several thousand marks. Beloved — with images of paintings by Albrecht Durer. But especially grateful to him believers naikrupneyshgo church here. Inna says organist breather.
Breather: "The information that we have about our parish — thanks to him. After church — building a monument, and he acquires information in Vilnius. I would not say that he was such a sincere layman, but information about the icon of God Queen of the Lakes Moms — through it. He is very diligent, such people I never met more here … "
At Constantine two adult daughters. Studying journalism at each, the second in a linguistic institute. But father presentation about their own work are always expected with caution. Wife of Ira says:
Ira: "Of course, Dad Kastusyou not generous with the approval …"
Constantine, they say, rectilinear harsh in dealing with people, those estimates or other events. Can not see the trivial for someone of color, will not compromise. Such nature. I pulled it, did they even captured Valery Zenkevich:
Zenkevich: "He, like at least some creative person, complicated — not at Vaska cattle, which all the drum. Has a very tough position, he will never change. For example, I can not do something — emeyl writing. Constantine, when they promised starts sausage — like this because? Kickbacks should not be! "
Yet (I called the other day) Shidlovskii family, as usual, held safely leave. Again the same — to travel. During the meeting on this oh so Ira recalled:
Ira: "the first years we lived in the apartment. Daughter, wages small museum. But we could have a great rest. On those same great threesome go to the lake to watch the sunset, get together with the mist pautinchatye if it flies. And sees beauty, pass it on to children. "
And Constantine is the supreme on this day a dream — to make the Belarusian edition, which glory was not equal.
Constantine: "In the 1990s, all of our renaissance direction gave a lot of literature, not worrying about how to look these books. Already at that time has passed — it is necessary that tempting. I wish that book was an event.
Posted in the form of sketches in a more fascinating history Braslava directions. They could be more than 10 ka. They do a portrait of the town … In the thousand-year history we Braslava particles. Braslaw existed and will exist. At times it feels like you — oh my! — The largest collection of historical materials about Braslaw. Do you think it nayvelizarneyshym wealth and later catch on the idea … "
Reporter: "The last word to the world about the world is not said and will never say?"
Constantine: "There is such a good expression — no comment".

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