Lessons 11 and Belarus

Tsigankov: "Often they say that the world has changed after September 11, 2001. And what would you have marked as fundamental that has changed for this time? "
Vecherko: "I remember myself today. Just took a day or two after another electoral farce in Belarus. We had hoped for a democratic world attention to the fact that we came out September 9, 2001. I remember that we met with the U.S. Ambassador Michael Kozak (he did not know what happened in his homeland), and almost 15 minutes after we called a meeting and said, Lord Alex, that "the world has changed."
World really changed. It became clear what you need make a choice — where are we? Either we, together with the free people or we together with yet unfree while majority?

"September 11 — is an illustration of how unsafe can be unfree world for free world."

There is a concept of the "golden billion" — the European Union, the USA, Japan. Problem before us — either we want to belong to this billion or we abandon this perspective? This billion — not "evil ekspleatatary" it’s just free people. This free milyard.Toe that happened on September 11 — is a nice and, unfortunately, is not optimistic illustration of how unsafe can be unfree world for free world. "
Tsigankov: "With this viewpoint — can it be said that not all the lessons received September 11 true? "
Vecherko: "If we talk about Belarus, they are certainly not perceived. Situation in black and white choice must answer the question: are we with free and comfortably or we together with shadows Saddam, Fidel, Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Il?"
Tsigankov: "But, for example, then Our homeland in 2001 Tipo resolutely opted for greater cooperation with the West, and now more departs from this choice? "
Vecherko: "Putin’s Our homeland — large master simulation. As is the special service of which they say, that the former can not be in it. It was a period of imitation, because so deeply shocked the civilized world was the then attacks that differently (according to the latest least in public) could not respond. But current policies, the current geopolitical choice Putin administration leave no doubt how sincere they were then. "

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