Liberty Poll: entrepreneurs are ready to strike?

Businessman: "Everyone understands the need for change, but not everyone understands the need to fight for these changes."
Businessman: "Excellent attitude to strike. Very hard began to work for us. "
Businessman: "Keep. Just everything else to any positive decision does not lead decent. Because I do not think that there is a sense in peaceful ways to solve something. If you really want this dilemma decide not only verbally. "
Merchant: "the first time I hear that may seize the product. Certificates we have."
Correspondent "Because you are relaxed running, any thoughts about the strike without?"
Merchant: "While I do not have."
Lady: "So the government presses, so entrepreneurs humiliated! I only support the idea of a strike. "
Businessman: "You can go out on strike. When introduced VAT of 18%, also went on strike. But nothing is decided."
Reporter: "And at the moment is ready to strike?"
Businessman: "No, not ready. Longer wish."
Woman: "Just need to solve problems peacefully. Strike will not work. Necessary that upstairs in the control, were sitting not those with large enterprises and small entrepreneurs were sitting as we are — at least 5 people who know our problems. And those at the top, do not know our problems. "
Businessman: "I do not support the strike and would not go out on strike."
Merchant: "Absolutely agree strike. What the confiscation of products?"
Businessman: "I think that our management there per se, divorced from the problems of ordinary businessman. I believe all the difficulties must be solved peacefully. But our management must be closer to the small businessman and know the problem. "
Businessman: "Certainly, the strike is not needed. But the people who produce legislation must know the situation along the ground. And they seem to know it is not. Strike hardly something dabessya. Since we have a different mindset. Tops and bottoms must agree among themselves. "
Man: "Entrepreneurial problems can not be solved until the power will not change. Remember Lukashenko came to the markets — has promised that will lower the rent. Reduced rent for a certain period, and then again raised. The same tasks and certification. Now bureaucrats have built many supermarkets. And, of course, they do not need rivals. That this all prepyadstviya with certification. "

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