Liquidated Belarusian Ecological Party greenish

During the meeting Supreme Court Chairman made a statement BEZ Nicholas Kartashow in which he had no objection to the claim of Justice and asked to hear the case without the party’s representatives.
Earlier Radio Liberty said that the Justice Department has given written warnings to several other parties.
Lawyer Vladimir Labkovich Justice political calls, and oh so he comments on these intentions:
"It turns out that the Ministry of Justice issued an order to prepare for parliamentary elections. And this training is that it will be very zachyshchatstsa political field.
Now came the turn of the suspension, as it came out against the PBC and threatens other parties or liquidation. What happened to the PSU.
Formally, this party she was not there. But for the other parties there are other dangers. They result from the political issues, and the least, of a legal inferiority. "
Midst of parties, which issued a warning — Belarusian Social Sports Party, the Social Democratic Party and the Republican People’s Harmony Party.
Liquidation threatens another three opposition parties, 24.08.2007 • PKB has no right to use their accounts, 2.08.2007

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