M. Statkevich on events in Kazakhstan: This is not an election, if they opaque

Anatoly Lebedko does not believe that the parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan can be called democratic, on the grounds that they have participated political parties, in including opposition. Joint favorite civilian Party believes that in the end democracy in Kazakhstan have been even more complex criteria than their Belarusian supporters.
"These rulers, as Nazarbayev, act more gently, so as not to make the situation in black and white. But because there democrat and harder. Formally there is a law by which MPs can be elected from the parties. Or huge capacity of observers. But this enables the government ensuring the desired results, and read about the elements of democracy. "
As you know, no opposition party in Kazakhstan at the elections to the parliament has not passed. Lower house of parliament is one hundred percent will keep control of pro-government party. Maybe if, Belarusian power in the future will copy that variant? Anatoly Lebedko not rule out that this could happen in the run-up to elections 2008.
"If the public association" Snow White Rus "is transformed into a party, then you should expect configurations legislation. And we’ll see what we untwisted brand new game. Maybe a new favorite — Viktor Lukashenko. Priuchivat countries start to the new mustache. This can be because authoritarian regimes share their experiences. "
One of the favorites of the Social Democrats Statkevich also believes that the elections in Kazakhstan can not be considered democratic.
"For me, the main was the phrase from the report of OSCE observers: vote count was not transparent. But the meaning of elections just to give people the vote in secret and later transparent vote count. According to another what is this election? Same problem in Belarus. Even more acute, since we still have numerous reinsurance authorities like premature vote. "
Statkevich does not think in Belarus recently the authorities would reform the electoral law and allow political parties to directly elect members of parliament.
Observers from the formal structures of the CIS countries have already declared that the elections were held in Kazakhstan without significant comment. Recognizable Belarusian human rights activist Harry Pahanyajla who once followed the elections in Belarus and other CIS countries, is critical of such judgments. "If the election were held here, they did not notice trivial violations" — says human rights activist. Regarding elections in Kazakhstan Pahanyajla Harry said: "too big there is a threshold of 7% for the passage of the party’s representatives in Parliament."
"There’s more than 80% of the seats in parliament will receive pro-government party: it will be most of the constitutional and almost all will solve itself, not including minority. Meanwhile, we define democracy as a real possibility minorities also produce their rights . "
The CEC Belarus correspondent of "Liberty" uttered that Kazakhstan monitor the elections went Oleg Slizhevsky CEC member, but he has not returned. Because while the Belarusian Central Election Commission to comment on the elections in Kazakhstan abstained.

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