Match heroes Shejman & Maltsev, Liabedzka & Kaljakin

Valery hoe blogger notes: "After the change of ownership at the local match factory" managers set off the brain. " "Enrage profits" initially prompted them to print on labels portraits favorites opposition parties. But after criticism from "above" started producing portraits "siloviki". Repeated samples contact Tsapkov came to nothing. Then we went to another method.
Lebedko: "Groups of UCP" Pinskdrev "no"
The coming of Brest match factory located in Pinsk. I tried to find out if a company that enters into the structure of "Pinskdrev" attitude toward reklyamavannya official and opposition politicians. Hearing my question, a company representative at a loss: "And that, with all this referred to the match" Pinskdrev "? .. Oh no, such we simply can not be. We only symbols" Pinskdrev. "
Reporter: "And if you book your test symbols on products?"
"You know, we print labels for your own matches themselves. But is it the flowers or something. But that is? .."
In other match factories, Borisov and Gomel, also flatly refused authorship labels.
Chairman of the Joint civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko news that his portrait placed on Tipo matchbox caught in Vilnius. That policy response:
"Our community, as I know to" Pinskdrev "no. But if there were people who give publicity for the united democratic forces through favorites or brand itself SLM, it is curious. If there is advertising, positive or negative, means there is a demand politicians and structure. One thing I can assure we match ads to have no case. And if there are such craftsmen and advertise something … Well, thank God! "
A. Fyaduta: "Politicians -" stale product "
The last head of the socio-political disk imaging Presidential Administration Alexander Fyaduta spent several election campaigns in Ukraine. He was not surprised that at times and in Belarus recorded cases when politicians try to advertise themselves unconventional method that is common to all civilized nations. But as for "Match history", he does not believe that the authorship of one of the match factories or member political parties:
"During election campaigns, which just does not do. And we all life election campaign, why not? But that did not do any one factory, so it’s understandable, yes? Since, I am sorry, but our policy even more so opposition — it is very stale product. Aware of? And how they do not "lead the trade," nor did any ordinary person would not take the match only because their shows some politician. "
Reporter: "With your sight, it concerns and opposition, politicians and officials?"
"Official too. Because see, when there is no rotation in politics because they are also allowed to call? Naturally, only the" stale product. "
Reporter: "In Ukraine, faster policy change?"
"Well, they’re there all the more" alive "and, at least, much faster …"
Yu Azaronak: "We have a sense of humor all right"
To This time portraits municipal officials appeared in a deck of cards. It was three year reversed. At the deck of 54 cards instead of the usual ladies jacks rulers — former and current high-ranking bureaucrats, parliamentarians, judges, journalists municipal media. "Ringer Diamonds" to the deck — Deputy Governor Yury Azaronak BTRC. It states that "no offense to the creators of anonymous":
"I’ve got two of these decks. At that time I worked in the prosecutor’s office, not a game, though not thrashed one Joker, but enthusiastically react to this. Pretty humorous project, some things were really funny. Let’s say, my good friend Seva Yanchevskii, last bepeesemavets, amusing. I have tattoos on his hands there were noteworthy. So, normally made with humor. We have a sense of humor, believe me, also all right. "
At the theoretical level, to order your own portrait and General Maltsev and communist opposition Kaljakin can in Vitebsk. And not even on matches, and watch at least some size. Once had a resounding response to the story zamavlennem Vitebsk Instrument Plant large lot with image already hours late Turkmenbashi, former President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov. But, as told in the factory, his portrait can order virtually everyone.
"We have done for Belarusian the railroad, and there were orders in a couple of times greater than for Turkmenbashi — says employee Vitebsk Instrument Plant. — Making even personal orders. For example, a young man came to us, who willed that on the alarm clock we made the image of his family. Came an old man who ordered two pairs of hours: one — the wife, the other — for themselves. At each clock portraits of couples home. For example, a lady called to granddaughter ordered a wall clock with photo. Making and Departments of Internal Affairs orders just at the moment a large order of wall clocks for your Minsk "Lada" do game clock. "

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