Michas Tychina: New training programs from the literature on — this is a departure reverse in the educational process

September 1, schoolteachers Belarusian literature received from the Ministry of Education of the typical "gift" — new educational applets in literature. Now teachers in the classroom must be laboriously avoid issues repression in the 30s, it is also forbidden to read the works of some prominent contemporary writers. On the new applets — conversation with literary scholar at the Institute of Literature of the National Academy Misha Tychina.
"Applets anonymous, that never happened. Unclear who their creators, who are the organizers, who heads"
Michas Scoble: "The Emperor Misha, what is not so little and read as reported media — happened. New training programs from the Belarusian literature enrolled in school. What is your general recollection of these programs that take up as much as 300 pages?"
Michas Tychina "Although configurations of the school literary education really much to say, all the same, new applets suddenly — itself before the new school year. And this is dictated by surprise, apparently hid some projects. To those who are involved in public education, to surprise, that they did not even manage opamyatovatsya, reflect, ask questions. However, some questions to ask: applets, surprisingly, anonymous, that never happened. It is unclear who the creators who drafters who the founders, who heads ".
Scoble: "From of old programs needed to remove" pro-opposition "writers. Obsolete whether this removal?"
Tichina: "Of all the programs lost Belarusian foreign names — Natalia Arsenyev, Maciej SEDNEV Larisa Heniyush. Though not so long ago, two or three years back, these names are present in the textbooks. Note here that once came with Belarusian and new applets on Russian literature. So now, there is emigration in full: Bunin, and Solzhenitsyn, and others. Well, as Solzhenitsyn can be deleted? It’s unreal. But Belarusian textbooks can do without foreign literature. Though I know from experience how students addicted creativity Natalia Arsenyev. Representatives of the metropolis as "cleaned out." When Gennady Buraukin and Sergey Zakonnikau least in some measure are (one or two poems, and of those for pazaklyasnaga reading), then Nyaklyayeu Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk Olga Ipatova Svetlana Aleksievich Anatoly Sys of programs disappeared completely. "
"Works Bykov last decade in the newest program there are no"
Scoble: "I was a little amazed that not hooked Bykov. Only changed" raid "on" Sotnikov "…
Tichina: "Clarification usual here: in the program virtually absent new Bulls. Bulls That unfamiliar, sudden, which paves the way for new Belarusian literature, specifically Bykov this school has no place. And about spoofing" Dragnet "to" Sotnikov ".. . I believe that the "raid" easier on the students, especially if you talk about the basic education. But for in-depth learning all the same, I think, is best suited the story "Sotnikov." It brings the student to the broad reasoning parallels philosophical thinking. "
Scoble: "Instead of remote applets, new writers. Some of them — Jora Marchuk. His works really lacked in school programm?"
Tichina: "I think the absence of the name would not have seen neither teachers nor students … First I ran into the fifth utility for classes where there Marchukova tale" Alien wealth "and" Wild Pear ". I am very amazed that they appeared on the site pretty philosophical tales Zmitraka Byadulya "Silver snuffbox" which can be boldly enrolling in global treasury masterpieces. Will no longer be read pyatsiklyasniki and tales Vladimir Korotkevich. And creativity Marchuk presented fairly extensively, both in the 5th and the 8th and 12th grade, thus, different genres, and parables, and the novel and the play, and "David-Gorodok canons." Yes, his name is located between the names Gregory Baradulin and Alexei Dudarev. The question arises as Marchuk feels between "living classics"?
Scoble: "I think that is not complex."
Tichina "Let for yourself. But I think the same about David-Gorodok much better in their own poetic works written by Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk.’s Dranko-Maysyuk in the program is just not enough."
"If widely open the gate, then it burst mass scribblers"
Scoble: "Here is one exciting event. In This year principal inspector for literature in the Ministry of Education began to work Zoe Podlipskaya. Her name (of course: so easy match) appeared in the latest program there. It is curious that the same name appears Taisii Forums — sister Podlipskii functionary. A tab that the sisters write poetry, and here is an opportunity to … I can not help but call to the Ministry of Education and ask Mrs. Podlipskii: how she feels in such a special situation? "
Podlipskaya Zoe: "It’s all with the permission of management. Was written a letter from the Union of Writers of Belarus to the Ministry of Education to include in the program from the new names. And there is not only th Podlipskaya Trofimov, there are many other. Myself I did not include them. K Besides asking 10 times, as it is correct. Again, this is not a lynch mob decided: here I want to be in the school program there, then herself and put ".
Scoble: "What are you, the emperor Michael, think about these" new names "?"
Tichina: "I know that some officials holding senior positions in ministries, love poems, and even write their own collections are. But this does not mean that it is their work should be in the training programm! Russian In times such cases also occurred, when people tried to take some positions, meaning and a personal perspective. And if it does not sharpen focus, it will be virtually Leo Tolstoy who wrote: "If widely open the gates, then it immediately burst mass scribblers." I am afraid that here we encounter just with a similar case. Indeed, about creativity and Trofimova Podlipskii nothing I I can tell — neither decent nor disgusting. I am interested in contemporary literary process, but to me these names they say nothing. "
Scoble: "In the program there another" new name "appeared — Mikola Metlitski. Thus, in a very exciting category" Quest for innovation in form, "and in a fascinating neighborhood with Ales Ryazanov. For you, what is clear about nibudt Metlitskaja innovator? "
Tichina: "I understand that it is the poet of his own traditionalist direction, aesthetic needs. More known for his work on Chernobyl. I think that he was close to Ales Ryazanov, it is not for the benefit of himself Metlitskaja. In this comparison and comparison immediately we will see who is who. Such list for Metlitskaja just unsafe. "
"In the program there the word" repression "is not even found. Were not into it and the names of the repressed artists: Sergei Grahovski Jana Skrygan, Ales Zvonaka"
Scoble: "I remember, in that the latent annotations, which came out of the Presidential Administration of the State Institute of Education spring vymagalasya" excluded from programs of old bad politicized evaluation literature 30s. "Either touches upon repression of freshly baked programm?"
Tichina: "In the" Belarusian literature of the 1930s — the first half of the 1950s, "the word" repression "is not even found. There is no mention of the names of any of Sergei Grahovski, as the creator of the memoirs of the years spent in the camps, nor Paul Prudnikova nor Ian Skrygan nor Olesya Zvonaka — those writers who wrote about the catastrophic time. This, I believe, a big gap, and, of course, he is not in our favor. This does not work on our state pride, dignity. "
"In British schools" Hamlet "studying for a month!"
Scoble: "But (I look in the program), the teacher will have to tell stude
nts about" the impact of socialist realism to the literature of Eastern Europe. " And this despite the acute shortage of hours on Russian classics. "
Tichina: "Literature — this is not necessarily the amount and a huge amount. Literature — it first names and texts. One example: Students British schools and colleges" Hamlet "study — a whole month there is believed that if you do not know Shakespeare, then you notwhat to do bolshennom in the world. Sit in his own estate and do not put out. Do not know "Hamlet", you mean — British flawed. "
"New applets — like an inverted hourglass from which spill out all the sand"
Scoble: "In the explanatory note attached to the new program that reads the output of Belarus into the world educational space, a study on the state of literature in relation to the world. How do you think the new applets for literature help This process? "
Tichina: "Of course, This timegap there. But the feeling that here is someone grabs the sleeve of the robe and diverts all back. However, the latest volume of applets (three pages) allows plug there are many new foreign names: there and Umberto Eco, and Borges, and Pavic … But if you teach them? Time for the usual familiarity with these names and no texts. In the previous program notes for in-depth study of Belarusian literature in high school was given 170 hours. At the moment — only 51 hours, even 1 hour a week is not necessary. In general, I have the memory of the latest programs from — both from an inverted hourglass. All the sand spill must flip back the clock, that time it did not "braked". How not to "stay" time in those handbills that 5 years were reversed teachers philological faculty of BSU running Doctor of Sciences Vyacheslav Ragoyshi … And here the sand emerged, watches braked, seeing a shift back. That this retreat backwards me very disappointed. "
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