Migrant worker who fled on foot in Belarus, he reached home

Molodechno "Regional Newspaper" reports that on the highway Minsk-Grodno several motorists have been victims of swindlers. Those car stopped and offered to buy them from a gold ring cost more than 100 bucks. Fraudsters were that out of funds for gasoline. Drivers only later learned that the ring is not gold and the dollar is worth less. Militiamen people detained in Romania, but has not yet found the evidence of their guilt.
Krichevskaya newspaper "Free City" in the article "Unsubscribe" reports on correspondence working farm "Light" with the State control. People sent a letter of cash irregularities and malpractice svinakompleksu administration. The answer did not satisfy the National Audit Office workers, and they turned to the newspaper.
"Free City" knows readers about 2-slum village Veremeyko who left for work in Moscow. They got into a construction company, which ruled Dagestan. We took their passports, poorly fed and did not allow them to go beyond the area of the object.
Article states created — Editor of "Free Town" Sergei Uneven:
"Member of the Department, and he worked for another team. Could not stand these criteria, fled on foot and went to Belarus. Before This time he did not return to the village Veremeyko. Searches and mom does and police hooked … Such things should be published in a newspaper, so that people know what’s happening on these construction sites Russian Federation. "
Newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" offers readers about the purpose of the policy is the new prime minister in Russia. Change policy in the against Belarus? Read in the most fresh newspaper.
Journalists "Komsomolskaya Pravda" associated as working capital carwash. Aspect was the price, level of service and speed of service. Readers are findings.

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