Minsk police: What to ask for forgiveness? All within the law

In Minsk police officials Comment out acts that evening on August 22 suspended play "Free Theatre", which took place in a private home in Syalgaspaselku. Recall: more than 50 actors and spectators, including five foreign people were taken to determine the personalities in Russian police department. And just let them go NIGHT MODE. Alexander Lastouski press service of Minsk police said
"How was received a call from a neighbor about the noise, the police must act. But everything was done according to the law. And if someone believes that his rights have been violated, in other words, the prosecutor’s office, which may be to complain."
According Lastovsky and ask for forgiveness before the actors and audience policemen not for that.
Directed by "Free Theatre" Nikolay Khalezin possibility of appeal rejects police action: "Just not waste time." Nikolai Khalezin not exclude that call with a complaint from neighbors was fabricated. "Why, coupled with ordinary policemen inspect immediately call riot police arrived and two KGB?" — Surprising director. By him, noise in the house was not, and the police came immediately after, the play as a French Christian Benedetti said entry, wishing all a decent view.
"Pause, maybe 20 seconds — and then suddenly goes on an improvised stage man staggered briefly tonsured and asks," What’s going on here? "It reminded me of the revolutionary sailor with the words" Who’s the time? Slazit. Completed your time. "
Or planned action against the theater intelligence agencies? The press service of the KGB of the story does not comment.
Recognizable theater director Valery Mazynsky does not exclude that it was specifically provocation with political overtones.
"Realizing this zealous according to one puzzles: nothing should be free — no theater or the other. Complete, as they say we, abshlyang."
Nikolai Khalezin said that as a result of police actions disrupted not only one performance of "Free Theatre". Under threat theater project with the role of actors from eight states, "Free Theatre" prepared jointly with the School of Arts of Amsterdam. Want to implement the project in Minsk. "The Dutch are now fluctuate if we guarantee the safety of the actor" — says Nikolay Khalezin.
Together with the actors and audience "Free Theatre" was arrested Paul Yukhnevich, which the police said opposition activist. According to information on the sovereign Yukhnevich, only brought in from the Russian police department, was drawn up — for predatory Tipo, act. The press service of the city police about it they say: "We do not know."
"Free Theatre" operates in Belarus for two and a half years. To a large extent it employs amateur actors, but for productions invited Professor in including and foreign directors. The repertoire 9 performances. It is clear that the actors rehearsing a play about and disappeared in Belarus. "Free Theatre" from Belarus took part in several theater festivals abroad. In This year Theatre took to the European Theatre Convention.
"Performance" was completed in the second half of the night, 23:08:07 • Police rushed to the show "Free Theatre", 22:08:07 • N.Halezin "released only children. But the French do for apartments search", 22:08:07

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