Mogilev youth tries to defend against BRYU

Two men and a woman, who did not want to open their families, are not members of non-governmental youth organizations. Neither one of them do not attend opposition rallies in Mogilev. But they do not wish to be members of the Youth Union.
By young, teachers refer to the order of administration and students are forced to engage in municipal youth group.
Says rights activist Alexey Pavlovsky, which addressed these students:
"Students are turned, they are forced to join the Youth Union, and they do not want. Them I then suggested that they write a letter head of state and the prosecutor’s office, on another of their not wriggle. Classroom Management said that everyone should certainly start BRYU as deprive her prize. They are forced to. "
At the local high school number 33, where in the ninth grade are taught these three disciples refute facts forced recruiting school cell BRYU:
"How can we make them — this volunteer. We do not even have percentages to force to force. Eleventh grade at the exit. We on these students, I must say, and do not pay attention to special. They will not give us a percentage of no if you So says — interest. They will leave from school and everything, "- said" Freedom "the director of the school.
In Mogilev city committee declined to comment on the complaint BRYU Young people.
Igor Shary, expert on non-governmental organizations, commented the situation:
"Support for a youth organization comes as it is profitable. Profitable not have different views on various aspects of life not only of the fact what’s happening politically in the country.
Think, consider and take decisions — that is we are not welcome. Young people have not enough fear of crime. Be politically unsafe even worse than being a criminal. "
According to the official disk imaging, in Mogilev operates 271 department BRYU. Grassroots organizations exist in all educational institutions and large enterprises of the town. Town just 23.5 thousand BRYU members.
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