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According to statistics, more readable page of our Web site for last week were the following:
Online conference with Paul Sevyarynets 09/05/2007
Trials of Malady Nyasvizh and Saligorsk: Report 4.09.2007
"Belarusian abroad": "Give it Lukashenko LuNet!" 1.09.2007
Detention in court Saligorsk 4.09.2007
"If we are not imprison Gonchar, tomorrow he will put us" 3.09.2007
September 1 youth activists noted flash mobs 1.09.2007
The summer is over … 3.09.2007
Malady spent solemn party 6.09.2007
Guidance documents KGB Russian timesand appeared on the Web 09/05/2007
Retrain kids read "Doskorogo Goodbye!" Instead of "Doskorogo Goodbye!" 09/05/2007

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