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According to statistics, more readable page of our Web site for last week were the following:
"Orsha Battle-2007" took place in spite of mass arrests 9.09.2007
Online conference with Stanislav Shushkevich 12.09.2007
Adopted a plan to release Alyaksandr Kozulin 9.09.2007
"Must stay or Shejman or Viktor Lukashenko" 11.09.2007
Resignation Konopleva — clearing the road "successor"? 12.09.2007
S.Kalinkina: cannabis failed to curb appetite own business 11.09.2007
Orsha: detainees threatened with criminal cases 9.09.2007
In Krapiuna field arrested about 40 people 8.09.2007
"Kanaplyou — one of the few sincere people surrounded Lukashenko" 11.09.2007
Ya.Grischeney: "If we are to judge for Belarus, so let’s see, in 1937" 11.09.2007

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