My adresok — not a house or street. Agro!

In May, members of both chambers of the National Assembly approved an amendment to the law on administrative-territorial division of Belarus. Senator Anatoly Malofeev admitted that the amendments were designed to secure the regulatory status as an independent type of agricultural towns populated Fri
One of the criteria for site selection for agro is potentially the highest level of demographic and production capacity, as transport, engineering and social infrastructure. So makarom, under the automatic consolidation to hit the center of collective farms.
Agrabatski Khrushchev, Masherov Lukashenko
Agrotowns born on the initiative of Alexander Lukashenko, but not on an empty spot. Ales Petrashkevich when he was head of the culture department of the Central Committee of the PBC with our eyes beheld, they tried to introduce the idea vzbuynennya villages abandoned even Khrushchev. Later, the idea seized Masherov, which began to create demonstration farms with about center:
"I do not think Alexander G. — follower Masherov. He finds his way out. But no adjustment to these criteria can not be. Here’s the deal Financial: village building, and hot water is not available, no baths, sauna also not built. WC not even ! And these houses are built on 40 thousands of dollars, not any of the risks of business executives to invest such funds. Well, they are built, as it turns out, very poorly. It’s not Vertelishki, town exactly high class. But he built one 16 years. "
Hugo Chavez — the only fan rural urbanization
Twice Hero of Socialist Labor, the former head of the collective farm "Dawn" in Basil Starovoytov Russian time was recognized as one of the best distributors of ideas approximation village to village. However, it ended for Starovojtova sad — prison term. And more in the demonstration towns with a rural flavor and he does not believe:
"It’s all nyadovgavechna. Namely, a reasonable person understands that it nyadovgavechna, and all this is only temporary fun. When I started to do something similar, just believed: work to more beautiful was" Rassvet "to be rich and prettier land with all this government. And what you got? "
Construction experience in Belarus agrotowns decided to extend both in the CIS and abroad. At a meeting of heads of CIS Dushanbe approved a resolution concerning imitation "positive experience of Belarus" in the development of agro-towns. But while in the CIS to get accustomed to the Belarusian experience, overseas friend of Alexander Lukashenko, President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez invited Belarusians build agricultural towns in his country.
Yuri Krotov, a representative of the 1st Belarusian urban institutions just recently returned from Caracas, where he held talks on this topic. Answer from Venezuela is expected in Lately. Sovereign Krotov hopes that it will be positive:
"Venesuela also trying to build their own system of support settlements. And so it turns out that our agricultural towns again fall under the support of the rural settlement system."

Ministry of Construction and Architecture 1480 developed master plans for agricultural towns. Most of them were built in the Minsk region — three 20 fifth fewest needs averaged form between town and country are in Mogilev — then planned only 202 agricultural towns.

Agrotowns or "agrahatki"? 23.08.2007

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