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Alex Olga exemplary Igor Ahramuk Zoe Volosevych (Prize of the Week)
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Sergei PALACE Anna Syrel Vadim Titov Catherine Skoda Kasia Kasia Shumskaya Shtirlitsa
Favorites of the past 14 weeks
1 week: Kasia Shtirlitsa Ales Osipenko, Alexander Kushner
Week 2: Alexei Ozhinsky Lyudmila Prakopau, InSomnia
Week 3: Yuri Kolbasich Sergei Goodilin Vladimir Urbanowicz, Lyudmila Vitushkava
4 week: Kasia Shumskaya, Slava, Oksana Luniniec
5 week: Vadim Titov, Denis Fedorenko, Valery Kazyuminski
6 week: Dmitry Zenkovich, Ales Sidlyarevich Tatiana Myronovych
7 week: Vitaly Brazovsky Pauline Grynchanka Vadim Gaydalenak
Week 8Eva Gilevich, Minka (Kasia Mintel), Sergey Mikhal’chuk
9 week: Vladimir Tkachenko, Sergey Peles, Valerina (Valeria Koustova)
Week 10: Syrel Anna Lena Luetke, Zorna
Week 11: Dmitry Bodevicha (prize heroine of the plot), Vladimir Sergeev, Anton Yakutovich
Week 12: Vadim, Yarosh, Ales Pryshyvalka
Week 13: Svetlana Marchuk, Michael Kozel, Yuri Vysotsky
Week 14: Polina Feliksava Stepan ferocity Vladimir Skrabatun
Week 15: Danica Nesvizhski Zoya Volosevych Nicholas Ilyuchuk
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REVIEW FATASKRYNI filming WEEK (three awards) essay FROM Favourites 10 SUMMER The best pictures
Pochetaemye! Allow me to say goodbye. Although there is no error — our competition is completed.
Let me say to you "thank you" instead of "goodbye".
What is our competition? It seemed to me that this is what hunt share — now, this evening or late NIGHT MODE, this is what hunt to get out of the box and show an either donate friend, acquaintance, close minded. I am glad that in the midst of the latter, and I just find myself. I got your shots once a day — in the afternoon, evening and late NIGHT MODE.
Thank you again instead of goodbye.
To business.
Belarus — is sacred
Picture of Danica Nesvizhsky. Mail of August 27, when judged in Nyasvizh youth activists beautiful graphically perfect white-red-white lettering on the garage wall, trying to blame the creators of graffiti hooliganism.
"I made a photo frame and a 9-August 25 morning, walking beside buildings garages former military unit — said Danica Nesvizhski. — Tags, as we know, there NIGHT MODE from Friday to Saturday. Notwithstanding the output of early day and hour, utilities now distinguished efficiency. Unfortunately, the proclamation of the sanctity of Belarus, we considered hooliganism. "
Young fighting tribunal punished. "Predatory" label quickly erased with a snow-white garage wall. Delete white-red-white unreal. Written remains. Reflected — too.
(C) Written Danik Nesvizhski remains. Wall, Shults, August 25 at 9 am and
(C) Written Danik Nesvizhski remains. Wall, Shults, August 25 at 9 am and
(C) Written Danik Nesvizhski remains. Wall, Shults, August 25 at 9 am and
Where’s my edge
Addresses nomadic routes and visions svetladen from the lake through Usha Polessye extreme to Pinsk and Ruzhany … It’s all "My Belarus."
(C) Anna Syrel Hydrological reserve "Rough". Ushachski area
(C) Anna Syrel Hydrological reserve "Twisted." Landscape with a road. Ushachski area
(C) Lake Anna Syrel Pavazere, Ushachski area
(C) Andrew Vishinskiy Polesskii extreme. Ecological path
(C) Andrew Vishinskiy Polesskii extreme. The last flight
(C) Sergey Peles Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Pinsk
(C) Sergey Peles Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Pinsk
(C) Sergey Peles Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the church and monastery courtyard, Pinsk
(C) Sergey Peles Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the church and monastery courtyard, Pinsk
(C) Nikolai Ilyuchuk Rouge. Past that is overgrown with weeds. Pruzhanskiy area
(C) Nikolai Ilyuchuk Rouge. Without the past will not see coming. Pruzhanskiy area
(C) Vadim Titov Wisps in the grass. Managed to brusnitsy
(C) Vadim Titov Breath of autumn. Polotsk region
(C) Three birches Vladislav Gridin
(C) Vladislav Gridin My Forest: tranquil bosom
(C) Alla Taranco Romantic summer. At Minsk Sea
(C) Kasia Shtirlitsa. Sun. "Here’s a she, My Belarus: warm, warm and full of expectations."
5 recent debuts fatatydnya
Olga approximately Volosevych Zoe, Constantine Gorki, Danik Niesvizh Katya Skoda. New names on the finish — the trend of fatakonkursu.
"Thank you so much for a decent contest — write Olga exemplary in addition to their own vernisazhu. — As it happened, join if not in the final cut-off. Hopefully a new and exciting, which again offered freedom for lovers photos.
I personally would like to focus on the theme of the sufferers for Belarus. Seems to have heard that sad popular "Stalin Line" — a personal museum, whose founder is a» Alexander Broom — Director of the Foundation "Remembrance of Afghanistan." It is really so, or am I wrong? If so, you can also make a personal museum of the victims of Stalinist repression, without waiting for the municipal attention and municipal funds? This should be read … And photos, broad in its own range, could make a suitable public background. And while sending the last memories of summer and the first pictures with the new camera. "
(C) Olga exemplary Catholic church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the village Budsłaŭ, Miadzieł district
(C) Olga exemplary new life grows through old stump. Loshitsa, Minsk
(C) Olga exemplary manor Loshitsa, Minsk
(C) Zoya Volosevych Radunitsa. Village Ponizovje, Orsha district
(C) Zoya Volosevych Remembrance. Lake Myastro, Miadzieł district
(C) Zoya Volosevych oblivion. Village Ponizovje, Orsha district
(C) Will Zoe Volosevych heat. Drovnitsa in the yard of my youth, Myadel Minsk region
(C) Zoya Volosevych Childhood in milk. Village Ponizovje, Orsha district
(C) Constantine Haretski only in the world
(C) Catherine Skoda Rose and flax
On an old Christian cemetery: "… we can not do anything, except how to photograph "
"Not even with all local residents Kobrin, especially younger ones, are aware of their existence — created publication writes Igor Ahramuk. — When ordering pictures to print, the young operator technician, taciturn, could not resist and asked where it Kobrin such magnificence. So I decided to show the beauty and care of these taciturn monuments made in Poland yet. Unfortunately, he did not quite know what about them. Sorry, destroyed many, and we can not do anything, except how to photograph them. "
(C) Igor Ahramuk sculptural composition (1). Old Orthodox-Catholic cemetery in Kobrin
(C) Igor Ahramuk sculptural composition (2). Old Orthodox-Catholic cemetery in Kobrin
(C) Igor Ahramuk annealing part Graveside plastics. Old Orthodox-Catholic cemetery in Kobrin
Features state fishing …
Contact us Alex. "I am sending to fatakonkurs two shots from the series" Peculiarities of the state fishing. "First made in the village of Komarovo (about Blue Lakes) that Mjadelsky area, the second — in the church about to deliver. Ales series complements the story of Sergei PALACE (Pinsk) .
(C) Alex Features state fishing. Village Komarovo Myadel district
(C) Alex Features state fishing. Myadelka river, Pastavy
(C) Sergey Peles Above Pina. Waiting for fish
… and especially the state of repair of their apartments
"My Belarus — I quote further argument list, approximately — this, too, and I, one ten-millionth part of it, and what I do. And I did this summer repairs. Finally came here such area specifically My Belarus in your own home. Such mosaic "Pursuit", these chairs and cushions are in my home. won in the end frustration and disappointment that the Belarusian historical symbolism is very eager to remove from use, coming up absurdities like "unregistered symbols" or similar. It turns out that all symbolism is subject to registration. Here for example, you will agree that the image of the heart — it is a sign of love, love? And neuzh it written somewhere? I’m sure not. Or "race" and the white-red-white flag — this is especially unregistered symbols? "- It is reasonable to ask Olga exemplary and inviting with a hallway to go to the rooms.
(C) Olga exemplary interior design career». Style "My Belarus." Armchairs
(C) Olga exemplary interior design career». Style "My Belarus." Mosaic
Light retro-space
"In the ancient picture 1980 — Kryzhavzvizhanski Cathedral in Polotsk. Starring my father — Vadim G. Titov. If you look closely, you’ll see on the main dome of the solar system model. This was an attempt to make the church a bit plyanetaryya … Everyone knows the world is his own "- Vadim Titov retrapublikatsyya junior.
(C) Vadim Titov Kryzhavzvizhanski Cathedral in Polotsk, 1980
Three family memo from Lena Luetke.
(C) Lena Lütke old home album. "Moment of village life. Here is a picture grandmother and grandfather." Osmolovo village, district Nesvizhski
(C) Lena Lütke old home album. "Very expensive for me to shoot. After the first, which is my mother." Osmolovo village, district Nesvizhski
(C) Lena Lütke old home album. "I’m bitter at the park. Here I 5 years or second Oh, and long as it was!". Minsk, 1980
Watchful Eye
Reviewed on trash (issue last week) sent Vadim Titov of Polotsk. For me it was a surprise from the 2-circumstances. When I wrote a comment on your own snapshots, say, what came before — the garbage is near the temples, I had in mind only the rarest cases zvyklastsi human in the sense of doing it, and in this sense endure. Comment Vadim very concise and very accurate. "This image was made this year in Polotsk at Epiphany Church. And so — shtovyasnu when snow disappears …"
Note that the story was filmed specifically in the spring, regardless of our publication, in other words, we have an example of self in the face of public fotomonitoring Vadim Titov. With all my heart I am glad for our constant creator and winner of 5 fatatydnya.
(C) Vadim Titov Forgive us, O God …
Continuation of "watchful genre" — another picture of Nesvizha. Our friend Maryska (see last week’s column) this time falls light SOS signal from the local peyzazhnaga park. "I am very worried two things — writes Maryska. — The park, which since 2005 is the UNESCO World Heritage, has increased hard surface can be seen in the picture. Stezya at the entrance to an old park (main entrance) achieves about 4 meters wide. I doubt that the expansion project of reconstruction of driveways corresponds well and general standards of conservation of the monument of global importance. In the second picture a group of trees somehow disastrous zzhovkla. Though the rains came, it was only on August 6. Janitors who painstakingly worked here with brooms, pronounced that for local park looking Kommunkhoz. One that I did not have time to photograph — Belarus tractor with a large trailer. makarom Thus, Heritage and this can simply be turned into farm and recognizable European park — the so-called place of culture and leisure … " — wrote Maryska. Enjoying her pictures.
(C) Expansion Maryska passage Nesvizhsky peyzazhnym park
(C) Group of trees Maryska advance zzhovkla — why?
Olga sent exemplary board, which is designated section of the bookstore capital. Olga comment: "It is curious look, which company recorded freethinking. Shot went not very high quality, can, as had overcome his stiffness and photograph this sign under the gaze of a 3-sellers."
Attention lead: esotericism — lurking, hidden from others, teaching for a narrow circle of initiates. What to freethinking, the Dictionary of the Belarusian language is it as bad or critical cases to the ruling political system. Olga does not name a bookstore. And it would be interesting to behold filling shyldavaga indicator. Retrieves store!
(C) Olga exemplary card in one of the central Minsk bookshops
Another picture as an illustration of the fact that everything in the end has a "campaign."
(C) Alex Two actions have stirred Belarus. During the book fair at the central square in Postavy
I remember, Ales, and heading on the leaflet during the last election campaign: "In Belarus, two failures — Chernobyl and Lukashenko."
Kasia Shumskaya: "I wish to say goodbye So …"
Kasia Shumskaya, recall, was awarded 4th Weeks Vasylkova theme for this publication, there were plenty of these, as it seemed more and more refleksyvnyh, nice demonstration of self-actualization in terms of creation. This is the last time she wrote: "Thank you, Liberty, for the fact that with each image comes back to me the motherland." As a leading, I wish to note the most active and creative role of Catherine in our project. I think about this show and true, goodbye, words and semantic Dobryana fotakampazytsyi Ms.. Shumsky.
"Not all the pictures you see, get in a competition format — she writes. — But So I specifically hunt goodbye.
First shot was made not by me, but it — I. .. March 25, 2006. That March day, when days are from Holy Will we go to hell … Later there were "courts" in the queue in Akrestin Street, happiness and pain meeting our prisoners. And was returning to the city, deaf and blind to everything where you feel himself Var» yatam lone where there is no ability to find and search for like-minded people, share their emotions, to argue, and most importantly, do not be afraid. It seemed such a void around the pain and frustration inside. I had to decide how to live: in a measured and stay warm now, or get in the way of weak, but to be independent future. At the moment … I go to Liberty, do these steps one hard, but I try …
Now I vsmihayusya my fly, rain, who loves me, because I do not like umbrellas (in the second photo I have not had time to escape from the August storm, but suddenly went out such a picture here) …
Now I’m trying to grab the last days of the solar frame time when storks goodbye funeral leave singing about Belarus and hopes for a quick meeting. "
(C) Catherine Shumskaya (publication snapshot fatahroniki 2006) March 25, 2006. Fierce crackdown peaceful march and beating participants
(C) Catherine Shumskaya portrait during the August storm
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Farewell theme. For a few days to heaven
(C) Catherine Shumskaya Farewell theme. Doskorogo Goodbye, Motherland!
Picture WEEK
Is written! (Prize — radio)
Created snapshot Danik Nesvizhski constantly lives in Nyasvizh and his photos have not reaffirm the fact Betta stories hometown and country. He was in that time and in that place, having for yourself fatakameru. Congratulations.
(C) Written Danik Nesvizhski remains
Diptych "Ruzhany" (prize — radio)
Topic is not new. Filming Ruzhany palace housed more than once. Created by Nicholas Ilyuchuk defined position restraint and laconically — a 2-angles and successful 2-proposals-signatures, which gave fotakampazytsyi plyakatnastsi with accurate sound.
(C) Nikolai Ilyuchik Rouge. Past that is overgrown with weeds. Pruzhanskiy area
(C) Nikolai Ilyuchik Rouge. Without the past will not see coming. Pruzhanskiy area
Childhood in milk (prize — radio)
One of the songs present debutantes Zoe Volosevych. It should be noted all sent her stories made with a warm feeling and krayalyubnym taste. Cute picture and the title, which should also be assessed as part of the work: the state of a day or woven with milk mist and distant echo, for dairy youth stay misty spruce forest on the frontal plane. No river in the picture, except that her sense: place breathes life and undisturbed primordial systems. In general, the pieces can be deceiving … Hunting believe in whole Belarus!
(C) Zoya Volosevych Childhood in milk
Essays FROM Favourites
Misha Goat thirteenth week. Three photo "Road-SOS in the Pripyat state park"
(C) Misha Goat Road-SOS in the Pripyat State Park (2), 2006-2007
"Clear the results of environmental crimes always hurts"
During my shots road construction was not yet complete. Tsyazhkagruzy carried rubble and sifting. Tractor of the local "Daewoo" vyznat me and asked me to photograph him. But when I came up and asked — refused. Some aggressive, bad infantilism. This is the essence of the case of local residents not only to his own work, and to all life in general. They do what they say they superiors, because everything in this world belongs to the chiefs: and the forest, and their whole Belarus, in which they "hosted". And we only take pictures of this nightmare. We just fasten as their builders destroy our architecture Grodno, their tractors and foresters are destroying our Polesskie floodplain oak forests. As in the end of their "riot police" beat our women in broad a day or among Minsk …
Forest is always difficult to photograph and immediately curious. Forest — a temple, a separate world, once in which you need to navigate, enter into its rhythm, adapt to its values, to feel part of this system. Then it will become clear, accessible and even simple. Bane will not intimidate, dominate over all infinity, life, flowing from individuals in the individual, and will change to remain the same once.
Shoot results of environmental crimes is always painful. After all, there is a weakness. What is lost, never come again. Uhodanae tree can not be resurrected … Polesskie floodplain oak forests cut down a couple of years is quite simple. Return — is unrealistic, because they are inimitable. Not anymore. Secret artificial feeding oaks criteria peravvilgotnenastsi Polessie land hopelessly lost. Because it is — a living monument of nature. Our natural heritage of the state. Our pride and our sign.
10 shots SUMMER

(C) Vladimir Urbanowicz Golden Dawn
(C) Anna Syrel flax flower
(C) Eve Gilevich chamomile paradise
(C) Vladimir Tkachenko Figure athlete in historic manor house "Albertine"
(C) Tatiana Myronovych Flying over Lake
(C) Vadim Titov Before the Storm
(C) With watering Vladimir Skrabatun
(C) Vadim did not drown!
(C) Sergey Peles Life and Memory
(C) Kasia Shtirlitsa Sun

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