Name: letter from the Belarusian Liberation Army

"Glos Prawdy" in 1927 contains icons of life Grodno: "September 11 of this year in a correctional bullpen held grand opening of the school year in the prison school. Ceremony began vigil in the prison chapel, then played two prisoners stage works. Kino" Palace ", Orzeszkowa thirteenth once a week at 11 am. NIGHT MODE show the movie" How does a person ", illustrating a fascinating and mysterious process of nature. Film shows for ladies and gentlemen together, but in some places."
"Reddish change", year 1967. Kolhoznicy N.Ivanovich admits: "When I started work on tarfagnoevyh Making compost, many laughed: say, what a job. No, comrades, is not our country nepochetnoe work. We reward for work, appreciate … 14 years I have to prepare compost. Nothing seems significant and did not. But the party and the government appreciated my work and moderate me bestowed the Order of Lenin. "
"Name", year 1997. After the explosion at the Russian court buildings district of Minsk Editorial published purchased it a letter written in Belarusian: "We, Belarusian Liberation Army, taking responsibility for the blast in Minsk structure Russian court. demand: Reactivate the Constitution of 1994. Complete the prosecution was politically motivated. Freedom political prisoners. Freedom Pavlysh Sheremet. Warn last minions mode: Prohibited acts for they will be punished personally. Living-independent, democratic Belarus! "

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