News of certain events September 19

Member of the movement "For Freedom" Ales Lahvinets clarifies that it blamed for disobeying police:
"If its members were detained, then she asked the police department complaints book. Policemen did not give such abilities. Even detained. But after released and wrote a claim to the tribunal."
Now held in Minsk meeting of the Presidium of the Political Council United Democratic forces. Party Chairman BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka elaborates:
"Coming campaign tentatively entitled" Election. " In addition, already entered a period of specific preparedness street actions as "European march" and later — "Soc march."
Now *** 12 hours in the office of the BPF Party held a press conference the organizers of the "Euro march." One of the participants reported Viktor Ivashkevich:
"Subject: prospects for dialogue with the authorities. Sent a letter to Deputy Head Presidential Administration Natalia Petkevich. And there is the first information about the reaction of power. "

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