Night Siege — August 15

The forums portal discussions are proposal of the State Bank of Belarus to renounce 2008 from the "snap" to the Russian ruble and throw as the sole guide for the national currency U.S. dollar. Comments:
"Why is not the euro? Currently, with the Yankees will build the Federal Government?";
"Soon the Chinese yuan will be attached";
"It is true, why spoil characteristics and reports linked to the Russian currency, which increases?"
"I do not like the Euro. Lets submit together with bucks";
"I do not realize our National Bank. Already 5 years our currency is pegged to the greenback, judging by the" vkapanastsi "the official exchange rate of the dollar to our rubles."
On the website Russian newspaper "Business announcements Moscow" discussions are the article "Why do we Minsk and who se Lukashenko?".
Among other articles created by Ivan Padshyvalav writes about the proposal to tear the Belarusian currency peg to the Russian ruble, "ad now Minsk decision — a response to the requirement nedavneshnee" Gazprom "to pay for gas. (…) The town had not been independent. Belarus — it’s just a big piece of the Russian land, heartily well watered Russian blood in 1941 and 1944 respectively. And we have not forgotten about it. So, Alexander G., darting under Russian protectorate with all its brotherly people. " Comments:
"Why so much Our motherland can not live without it malehankih country?";
"The Belarusian people deserve independence. Russians adore and respect belaruki people!"
Comments from the community by_politics:
"Such a recollection that in Ivano filed in" Gazprom "nurse works."
LJ user palitekanom draws attention to the event, which is presently discussions are in society minsk_by.
"The news was passed" — refers to post your own LJ user letchyk: "In a brand new law" On Bodies Interior"In cases where the application may be firing guns item added" by order of the President Republic of Belarus"! (See Article 29 — Ed.). Other words, during demonstrations, if they want AHL shots to hit will be completely legitimate." Comments:
"Awesome PR" European march "better than plastered with stickers town. I was curious to go see how I will be" shot on the orders ";
"Nobody will not shoot. Especially since in public. Optionally, you can do quickly, quietly and inconspicuously. "
LJ user r_a_t__k_i_n_g publishes humorous definition Minsk dweller:
"You live in Minsk, if:
— You remember the difference between the words "Lenin", "Independence" and "Scorina";
— Passing through October Square, you have the feeling that you are doing something forbidden;
— You vyhvalyaetsesya that as many as 10 minutes stood in the auto traffic;
— Do you think that salary $ 250 — it is excellent;
— You have two Moscow;
— Do you understand what to look better and fashionable, you must dress in second-hand;
— You never will be able to understand yourself, or you live in a provincial swamp, or "advanced" big city;
— Confuses you, people around you are saying either Russian language with Belarusian accent or in Belarusian with Russian;
— Crossing the street, you expect to last greenish light even if Near there are no cars;
— Grabs you when guests raving capital station building and the library. "

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