Night Siege — August 24

The web site "Nasha Niva"Participants in the forum discussions are about the fact that the first democratic president of Poland Lech Walesa nominated the first control-independent Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich for the Nobel Peace Prize. Comments:
"Can you imagine what would plop the one who pays the former head of Belarus and a half bucks pension";
"Shushkevich figure still not on the same scale as I think, therefore unlikely to give this award to him, but if given — it would be super. Belarus in primarily . "
Artem Agafonov blogger says in his diary about the beginning of another pressing business: "Apparently, the government’s response to the unrest in the market nedavneshnie Zhdanovichi education and self-defense committees became pressing in relation to favorites entrepreneurial movement.
Two more notable leaders of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise — Victor Gorbachev and Alexander Tsytsura — received a summons to the police …. Apparently, someone set out to collect funds possible more possible faster and at any cost. Of course, for the construction of the Venezuelan agrarian population and their abitalnikav. "
"As for myself, I imagine" the Middle Ages ";
"At the moment, will be very curious to watch how a fantasy based on prydumlyanni new "bona fide" means methods of confiscation: Bender rest. "
Blogger Paulyuk draws attention to the new law "On Advertising" and notes that advertisers social advertising can be one municipalities. "It would seem, well, well, that only limited PSAs municipal needs, because on the law approved by the placement of her indispensable to free base. But case which category of advertising will be taken to western advertising against traffickers? NGO can advertise free of any social event — from helping the poor dog to a shelter? "

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